Emails and Text Messages about Operations

These messages allow you to track your balance and quickly react if something goes wrong with a payment.

We send emails about every payment, transfer, and change of details.

You can only set text message notifications for your payments, deposits, or for both.


Cost: free of charge.

Destination address: the email address you specified under your account Settings.

How to activate: they are active by default. You can manage your subscription under your account Settings.

Check the sender thoroughly: we only send email about operations from

Text Messages

Cost: 50 rubles a month or less, if you pay in advance: 200 rubles for 6 months, 350 rubles for a year.

Destination address: the phone number you've linked (specified under your account Settings).

How to activate: activation button is under your account Settings.

The name of the sender is either YandexMoney or 1960.

Any text message sent from other phone number is a fraud.