In Cash: via Payment Kiosks and Cashiers

To perform such deposit, you need to know your Wallet number: you can check it in our mobile app and on our site under your account balance.

Via payment kiosk: find 'Yandex.Money' in the menu, specify your Wallet number or linked phone number. Insert cash and keep the receipt. ATMs accepting cash of Sberbank, Svyaznoy, and MKB credit money to your Wallet immediately, without commission.

List of all payment kiosks

In offices and mobile retail outlets: tell the cashier your Wallet number, give the money, and take the receipt. Euroset, Svyaznoy, and Alt Telecom credit money to your Wallet without commission.

List of outlets and offices

Via money transfer systems in Russia: Contact, Unistream, and Gorod. Bring your passport and money to the nearest location.

List of money transfer systems

In a bank: fill out a payment ordinance, print it out, and bring it to any Russian bank. Check with the bank its commission amount and how quick your money will be credited.

Fill out payment ordinance

In the Russian Post: only if you filled out an online form in advance.