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You can add money to your or any other user's Wallet from your bank card. You do not need to be signed up to transfer money from a card to a Wallet.

The commission is 1% of the amount: if you transfer 100 rubles to a Wallet, 101 rubles will be deducted from your card.

The limit for majority of cards is 15,000 rubles. Money is usually credited immediately.

Adding Money to Your Wallet from a Bank Card

  1. Push the button “Add” near your account balance.

  2. Specify your card's details and amount, enter the password that your bank will send you.
  3. Refresh the balance: deposits are usually credited instantly. In rare instances crediting may take up to several days.

Add money to your Wallet

Adding Money to Another Person's Wallet

View the “Transfers” section in the left-hand menu.

  1. Select 'From a bank card' and fill in its details:

  2. Specify the recipient: you can enter a Wallet number, phone number, or email address.
  3. Enter the amount: our site will calculate total sum including commission.
  4. To confirm, enter the password your bank will send you.

Transfer money to another Wallet

Transfer is usually completed immediately, but in some instances may take up to several days.

Nuance: this transfer will not be recorded to your History because your Wallet does not participate in this operation.

What Cards Will Work

Credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro issued in Russia or the following countries:

  • Armenia, Azerbaijan,
  • Belarus,
  • Estonia,
  • Georgia,
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
  • Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Moldova,
  • Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan,
  • Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Besides that, you can add money to Wallets from “MIR” cards.

What If My Card Is Not in Rubles

Transfer amount will be converted: the recipient will get this money in rubles to the Wallet. The convertion rate depends on the bank that issued your card.

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Why There Is an Error

May be caused by one of the following:

  1. The recipient's balance is full. Balance limits depend on a user status.
  2. Your card was issued in a country that is not supported. You can add money from cards issued in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.
  3. You do not have passwords for paying online (3-D Secure). Banks usually send such passwords via text messages or sometimes issue a chart with one-time codes or create a permanent password. Check with your bank whether your card has 3-D Secure available.
  4. You are exceeding the limit on deposit amounts or quantity. Limits on amounts: 15,000 rubles at a time, 100,000 rubles a day, and 200,000 rubles a month. Limits on quantity: 15 times a day and 40 times a month.

If you are sure none of these is the case, write to our Support Service.

Limits on Adding Money from Cards

From one Visa, MasterCard, and MIR card you can:

  • transfer to a Wallet 15,000 rubles at a time, 100,000 rubles a day, 200,000 rubles a month
  • make 15 deposits a day and 40 deposits a month.

These limits apply to one card: it does not matter how many Wallets you add money to.

Alfa Bank Card Owners

If you have an Alfa Bank card, you can add money to your Wallet commission free.

Activate the Bank Connection service in Alfa Click. After that an entry about your card and a button for adding will appear in your account Settings (Other).

Activation guide

You can transfer up to 15,000 rubles at a time and 100,000 rubles a day via Alfa-Click.

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