Plastic Yandex.Money Card

Yandex.Money card and Wallet complement one another. They have different numbers, but a shared balance: add money to wallet, then spend it with the card.

  • Pay online, in supermarkets, in cafes, at gas stations.
  • Withdraw cash at any ATMs.
  • Get bonuses for Mastercard promotional deals.

You can order a personalized card at our website. We will send it to you by post or by courier. It costs 300 rubles for thee years.

You can also visit one of our offices and get a card without a name on it: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod. Upon activation, the card will be debited 100 rubles (check you have this sum is available in your Wallet).

Getting a Card with Your Name on It

Order the card on our site: you need to enter your full name and home address, and pay a service fee—300 rubles (pay from your Wallet, another bank card, or in cash).

Delivery by Post

The card will be sent to you within 5 business days after the order. Other terms depend on the Russian Post. To track the delivery, you will have a special tracking number.

When the card is delivered, get it in the post office: find your post office location. If you get a notice of delivery, take it with you. If you did not get the notice, take your passport with you to the post office.

You can order delivery from the post office: learn more on the Russian post site.

Courier Delivery

Right now, the option is available in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, and 15 more cities. You'll need to pay 600 rubles (instead of 300).

The card will be delivered in 5-7 days after the order.

  • Delivery is made on business days, from 9 AM to 6 PM
  • The courier will call you one hour before the arrival
  • You'll need your passport to verify your full name on the envelope

After the delivery

Got the card? Activate it on our site: the link for activation will be in the envelope with the card.

Card Settings

View Bank Cards section and push your card icon (or the Edit button).

You will see a page with settings. On this page, you can change PIN, forbid online payment, and inform our Security Service about a trip abroad.

PIN and code word

Change PIN if you forget it, or recap your code word if you are going to call to our Support Service.

In both cases you will need to specify a password.

Limits on types of operations

You can forbid options you do not use: forever and temporary.

For example: you give the card to a child for routine purchases and deactivate withdrawing cash and transferring money (when you get the card back, reactivate these features).

All adjustments come into effect immediately.

Trips abroad

Specify country and dates of your trip: our Security Service will know this is you pay abroad.

Notifying about Operations

Notifications work for all operations with the Yandex.Money account (not only operations with your Yandex.Money bank card). Thus you can manage them under your account Settings.

We send payment receipts and other service messages to your email address for free.

Text message notifications cost 50 rubles per month (200 rubles per 6 months; 350 rubles per year).

Important Thing about PIN

You create your PIN when you activate the card.

Simple combinations like 1234 are no good: they are too easy to guess. We recommend you choose something like your granny's birth date or a part of your friend's phone number.

What is PIN for

You need it to pay at the checkout in stores: when you need to insert your card into the reader (always requires PIN) or tap it against the reader (requires PIN for amounts over 1,000 rubles).

You also need PIN to withdraw cash. Works via any ATM.

What if you enter incorrect PIN

You have got three attempts: if you enter incorrect PIN three times in a row, the card will be blocked. You will not be able to pay even online, where PIN is not required. In this case call +7 495 974-35-86.

What if you forget your PIN

Create new one under your card settings: section 'Bank Cards' → button 'Edit'.

Then you will need to check new PIN now works. For instance, you can request to show your balance at any ATM (it's free).

Withdrawing Cash

You can withdraw cash from your Yandex.Money card via any ATM worldwide. Insert your card, enter PIN, and collect cash.

Money will be debited from your Wallet.

Withdrawing without commission

You can do it if you have a personalized card, and you are an identified user.

You will be able to withdraw 10,000 rubles per month without commission, in parts or at once. For example, if you withdraw 10 thousand and 500 rubles, the commission will only be applied to those five hundred.

Commission rates

Commission—3%, but no less than 100 rubles.

It means that even if you withdraw 100 rubles (or any other amount below 3,300 rubles) the commission will amount 100 rubles as it is the minimum fee. Starting with 3,350 rubles, the commission is calculated at the rate of 3%. For example, the commission for 5,000 rubles is 150.

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Payments Outside of Russia and Currency Conversion

If you buy sandwich in Moscow today and boots in Hong Kong tomorrow, it looks like the card details were stolen. In this case our Security Service may block the card to protect the funds.

If you do not want that to happen, tell us about your trip in advance. You can do it under your card settings.

Viewing card settings: navigate to the Bank Cards section and click on your card.

Important: if you are anonymous users, you can withdraw cash outside of Russia, but you cannot pay.

If you reside in other country than Russia, this rule still affects you:

  • you need to be identified to pay at stores (otherwise you can only withdraw cash)
  • all payments apply converting rubles into your local currency you pay in
  • you need to inform us when you leave the country you ordered your card to.
How currency conversion works

Yandex.Money card is a card in Russian rubles because Yandex.Money account is in rubles.

Whatever currency you pay in, rubles are deducted from your Yandex.Money account. The conversion made according to the MasterCard rate + 2.7% (view example).

In a day or two, an additional debit entry will appear in your History: a debit or credit of a small amount. This is usually a few dozens of rubles or even kopecks (depending on the payment amount). This is the exchange rate differential.

  1. The required amount is blocked on your card in the moment of the payment. The amount is calculated according to the conversion rate on the date of the payment.
  2. MasterCard processes payments for one-two business days. In the meantime, the conversion rate changes.
  3. The service deducts the amount calculated according to the up-to-date conversion rate: if the target currency become more expensive, the difference is deducted from your account, if it become cheaper, the difference is credited to your account.
What to do if you need to specify a Billing Address or something else

When you pay on non-Russian sites, you may be asked to provide supplementary information in addition to bank details.

  • Billing Address—home address.
  • Address 1—house number, apartment number, street. For instance: 1/11 Queens blvrd.
  • Address 2—optional field. You can specify a part of the city if you have several streets with the same name in your city.
  • State—county or region. For instance: City of London or Greater London.
  • ZIP or Postal Code—your postal code.

You Card Got Lost: What to Do

If you have already activated the card, cancel it immediately. The Cancel button is in the Bank Cards section. If you cannot cancel your Yandex.Money cards yourself, call our Support Service at +7 (495) 974-3586.

If your lost card is not activated, you do not need to take immediate measures. But we recommend inform us about what has happened via a form on our site.

As soon as the lost card is cancelled, you can issue a new one.

Fees and Limits


Commission—0%, except the cases where the trading location uses an improper MCC.

The limits depend on your user status:

  • 15,000 rubles for anonymous users
  • 250,000 rubles for identified users.
Cash withdrawal

If you have a personalized card, and you are an identified user, you can withdraw 10,000 rubles per month without commission.

In other cases, the commission is 3% of the amount but not less than 100 rubles.

The limits depend on your user status:

  • 5,000 rubles at a time (and a day) for anonymous users
  • 100,000 rubles at a time for identified users.
Limits on Transfers

Transfers to other cards and e-wallets are only available for identified users.

Commission—3% of the amount, but no less than 100 rubles.

Maximum transfer amount is 100,000 rubles.

If you want to forbid all payments, transfers, and cash withdrawal options for your card, you can do it under the settings (section Bank Cards, button 'Edit').

Legal information

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