Virtual Yandex.Money Card

This is a real bank card, but without a material carrier. It only operates online, but in return it allows for paying on any sites, even the ones that do not accept Yandex.Money. When you pay with it, the payment amount is deducted from your Wallet: they share common balance.

The card number is saved on our site. The card's expiration date and CVC code is sent to you in a text message. To make payment, specify these details in an online store or service you are paying at—Yandex.Taxi, AppStore, Google Play.

Common balance: how it works

Card and Wallet complement each other: they have different numbers, but utilize one balance.

If you add money to your Wallet, you can spend it with your card right away—at any online store. If you spend money using the card, your Wallet balance decreases.

You can track the balance on our site or in Yandex.Money mobile app. We additionally provide text message notifications for 50 rubles per month (200 rubles per 6 months, 350 rubles per year).

Adding money to your Wallet balance

Pricing, Commission, and Other Conditions

The card is free, expires in one year, and operates online only.

Payments with our card are commission free. Exception: if an online store uses an MCC of money transfers.

Commission for transfers from this card—3% of the amount, but no less than 100 rubles. The commission is applied in the following cases:

  • you are transferring money to another card via MasterCard MoneySend
  • you are adding money using the LiqPay service
  • you are issuing a virtual “Russian Standard Bank” card and add money to it
  • you are adding money to Beeline's mobile card (card only; phone balance won't do) or send money through “Beeline. Transfer”.

The limits depend on your user status on Yandex.Money.

  • anonymous users can spend up to 15,000 rubles at a time and 40,000 rubles a month from their card
  • identified users can spend (or transfer) up to 250,000 rubles at a time. Monthly limits are 3 million rubles for payments and 600,000 rubles for transfers.

Ordering a Card

The card is issued instantly: find the button for issuing under the Bank Cards section.

Push the button, enter your password, and that's it: the card appears in your Wallet. We will keep the card number on our site and send its CVC and expiration date to your phone.

You can view the number or request for a text message with other card details at any moment. As previously, from the Bank Cards section.

Nuance: to get the card, you need to have your phone number linked to your Wallet.

Check your phone number in the Settings

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Paying with Card

You can use it to pay with as a regular bank card. When paying online, you need to specify its number, CVC, and expiration date.

If a site requests the cardholder name, enter you first and last name.

You need to confirm each payment with a text message password. We send text messages to you linked phone number. Money is always debited from your Wallet. Entries about your payments are recorded to your account History.

You can pay at any online store accepting bank cards. You also can link your virtual card to paid services: AppStore, Google Play, Yandex.Taxi, etc. In this case, you will not need to specify these details for each paid service.

Payments on Non-Russian Sites and Currency Conversion

If you got an identified user status, you can pay with a virtual Yandex.Money card on any sites worldwide.

If you are yet to upgrade your user status, your account is deemed anonymous. In this case, you will only be able to pay at Russian online stores.

Check your user status

Details for paying on a non-Russian site

Besides usual card details, you may need to specify additional information.

  • Billing Address—home address.
  • Address 1—house number, apartment number, street. For instance: 1/11 Queens blvrd.
  • Address 2—optional field. You can specify a part of the city if you have several streets with the same name in your city.
  • State—county or region. For instance: City of London or Greater London.
  • ZIP or Postal Code—your postal code.
How currency conversion goes

Virtual Yandex.Money card is in rubles, as your Yandex.Money Wallet is also in rubles.

When paying not in Russian rubles, the amount deducted from your account in rubles is calculated according to MasterCard's conversion rate +2.7%. In a day or two, an additional debit entry will appear in your History: a debit or credit of a small amount. This is usually a few dozens of rubles or even kopecks (depending on the payment amount). This is the exchange rate differential.

The payment flow is as follows:

  1. A payment amount according to the current conversion rate is reserved on your account.
  2. MasterCard processes payments for one-two business days. In the meantime, the conversion rate changes.
  3. The service deducts the amount calculated according to the up-to-date conversion rate: if the target currency become more expensive, the difference is deducted from your account, if it become cheaper, the difference is added to your account.

Bank Card Details Storing

Bank card details are initially stores on our site, protected by your passwords: sign-in passwords and operation confirmation password. We send your card's expiration date and CVC code in a text message to your linked phone number. The button for checking details is in the Bank Cards section.

Storing details separately in different places is the most secure way: if someone sees a text message with your virtual card's details, its number is not in it. And on the contrary: the card's number is useless without its expiration date and CVC.

If you keep all these details in one place, please be careful. The key point is not to let strangers get all these details and your mobile phone: we send payment confirmation passwords to this phone.

What to Do If Card Details Got Lost (Stolen)

The main thing: remember you can cancel your virtual card at any moment. You do not even need a password for it. Push the button under the Bank Cards section, and your virtual card will stop operating. You will be able to issue a new card with new details in just a couple of minutes.

Cancel the card in the following cases:

  • someone got access to your card number, expiration date, and CVC
  • you've lost your phone to which we send you text message passwords for your card.

More concerning your phone: if you changed your phone number, be sure to link it with your Wallet and set it as primary under your account Settings. Passwords for your card will be automatically sent to your new phone number, and you will be able to get a text message with the expiration date and CVC.

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