With Yandex.Money, you can earn two types of cashback: in bonus points from Yandex.Money, in rubles from our partners. This page is about cashback in points.

The most important in brief

You earn points for online and offline payments. 1 bonus point = 1 ₽. Points allow paying for up to 50% of purchases in stores that accept Yandex.Money.

All you need to do is enable cashback on the Yandex.Money website. You can check your points balance on the Yandex.Money mobile app's main screen and on our website.

Legal terms

Earnings in percent

If you spend more than 1,000 ₽ per month from your wallet, you will earn cashback:

  • 5% in the category of the month. Restaurants, supermarkets, sports stores, etc.
  • 1% for all online payments.

You can also earn cashback:

  • 1% for all payments at checkouts or
  • 5% for every fifth payment at a checkout (the fifth payment must not exceed the amount of the previous four, or you'll get 1%).

If you spend less than 1,000 ₽, the cashback next month will be 0.5% regardless of the category.

There are exception payments which do not earn cashback at all: see the list.

Maximum cashback you can earn per month is 2,000 points.

Points as cashback in the first month

If you click the "Enable cashback" button by the 15th day of any month inclusive, we will start counting the expenses immediately. The cashback percentage will be recalculated on the first day of the next month. Until then, you will have the maximum cashback of 1% online and 5% offline (for payments in the category of the month and every fifth payment in other categories).

Example: you clicked the button on 2 September. Until 1 October, you are provided with the maximum percentage of cashback by default, and on 1 October we will calculate how much you spent in September (not less than 1,000 ₽) and determine the percentage for October.

If you clicked the "Enable cashback" button after the 15th day, we will start counting the expenses from the first day of the following month. The cashback percentage will be recalculated in a month, but before that you will have the maximum percentages.

Example: you clicked the button on 17 September. Until 1 November, you are provided with the maximum percentage of cashback by default, and on 1 November we will calculate how much you spent in October and determine the percentage for November.

Cashback exceptions

Stores and companies that accept payments by MCC code from the table.

MCC code is the code displaying the category of the store. Each company category has its own: a separate code for supermarkets, a separate code for taxis, a separate code for pharmacies, and so on.

Yandex.Money can't affect which code is assigned to a particular store as this is done by the bank servicing the store.

MCC Services provided
4814 Mobile balance replenishments on the operator's website, payments for local and long-distance communication
4812 Payments at mobile service providers' retail outlets, purchase of phones and telecommunication equipment
4829, 6536, 6537, 6538, 6531, 6540, 6533, 6532 All types of money transfers, including e-account or e-wallet replenishment, transfers for purchases, transfers to Mastercard accounts, POI financing transactions
4900 Utilities: electricity, gas, water
9311, 9222, 9399 Payments of fines, state fees, taxes, and payments in government services
5933, 7995 Gambling transactions, pawn shops
6010, 6011 Cash withdrawal
6012, 6050, 6529, 6530 Payments in financial institutions
6051 Purchase of currency and traveler's checks as well as money transfers in non-financial organizations
6211 Operations with Forex brokers
7311 Payments in advertising agencies
7299, 7399, 8999 Payments in certain stores and services without the special code

Payments with these MCCs are also not taken into account for the fifth purchase at checkout.

Cashback is not credited for a Yandex.Money commission charge (if there is one). All exceptions are provided in detail in the legal terms

How to get more points

Complete tasks

For example, issue a card or invite a friend. Completion earns points.

Check emails and push notifications

Sometimes we send gift codes as part of a promotion or just because we feel like it. Such code can be exchanged for points.

Follow our news.

How to save up for something cool

Set a goal on the website, for example, travel to sea. From this point on, you will not be able to spend points, only save for the goal.

Once you are really close to the goal, we will add some extra points.

You can set a goal on the Yandex.Money website. You will immediately see how many points you have to accumulate and how much you will get as a gift.

How do you calculate points for the gift

The formula is the purchase price minus the number of points already available, divided by 12.

For example, if you decide to accumulate 12,000 points for your travel when your account is at 0 points, you will need to score 11,000 points, and the service will gift you the remaining 1,000.

The maximum amount you can accumulate with the goal is calculated like this: the number of your points now + 24,000 p. Minimum: the number of your points now + 3,000 p.

You can abandon the goal at any time.

Spending Bonus Points

The first option is in the Yandex.Money app or on the website. Wherever you see a hint.

Second option: online stores that accept the points. Just pay with your wallet and specify how many points to spend.

You can use the points to pay up to 50% of a purchase (excluding the possible commission). So, if you pay 200 ₽, then you can pay off a maximum of 100 ₽ in bonus points.

Important informaiton

  • If you set a goal and received gift points, you can immediately use them to pay for the purchase. This exception is only valid for the first transaction (if you just spend some points, the opportunity will "vanish").
  • If you arranged a refund, the amount will be returned in equal parts as during the payment: some of it to the wallet, some of it to the bonus points balance.

Get Assistance of Our Support Service

If you don't receive points or can't spend them, contact us and we'll solve the issue.