Contactless Payments for Android

Activate contactless payments for Android and you will be able to pay with your phone (tablet or watch) at the supermarkets, at coffee shops, and online. Wherever you see such icons:

Requirements for Contactless Payments

1. Yandex.Money Wallet. Start a Wallet

You need to add money to your Wallet: money for purchases will be debited from it.

2. An NFC-enabled device running Android KitKat (at lease 4.4).

  • You can check whether your device is NFC-enabled under your phone detailed description or settings (it should have a special section about NFC).
  • You can check the system version under your phone or tablet settings: view the About Phone or About Tablet section.

Activating Contactless Payments

You have two way to activate contactless payments: via the Yandex.Money app and via Android Pay. The first option does not require a bank card, but you will be able to pay with your phone only at the stores and coffee shops. The second option requires a bank card, but you will be able to pay with your phone both online and at offline stores.

Option 1: In the Yandex.Money App

Simply download our app on Google Play or update it (works on v. 4.8.0 or later). Contactless payments will be on automatically if you are logged in.

Just in case, check the following:

  1. Navigate to Bank Cards section: you either see a contactless card there or a button 'Issue contactless card' (push it).
  2. Under your device settings:
    • NFC is activated
    • Yandex.Money is selected as a payment method

If everything is correct, you can pay with your phone.

Option 2: In Android Pay

  1. Install Android Pay via Google Play.
  2. Open the app. Tap a plus icon at the bottom of the page, then tap 'Add card'.
  3. Specify your Yandex.Money card details: plastic or virtual.
  4. Enter text message code: you will get the message at the number linked with your Yandex.Money account.

If you have a watch running Android Wear 2.0 connected with your phone, you can add money to it as well:

  1. View Android Pay via your watch and tap 'Add card'.
  2. You will see your cards added to Android Pay. Tap your Yandex.Money card.

Important. The card added to Android Pay first will become primary: all purchases will be paid for with this card. To change your primary card, select another card from the list, then tap 'Set as default card'.


At Stores and Coffee Shops

  1. Unlock your device.
  2. Hold it near the reader.
  3. Wait a second for an audio signal.
  4. Get the receipt.


Push the Buy button with the Android logo and confirm the payment on the device in which you activated contactless payments.

About PIN

You need PIN to pay at the offline stores if the payment amount exceeds 1,000 rubles. In most cases, the PIN is sent to you in a text message. Exception: you added a plastic Yandex.Money card to Android Pay (in this case, you create PIN upon activating the card).

Problem Solving

Phone Got Lost

If it might fall into someone's hands, block your device via Find My Device (sign in with your Google Play details).

If you got a new SIM card, do not forget to change the phone number linked with your Wallet.

Payment Won't Go Through

Possible reasons:

  • the reader does not support contactless payments
  • NFC disabled, and you need to activate it under your phone settings
  • not enough money in your Wallet; you need to add money to it
  • you hit one of the Yandex.Money limits
  • your user status is anonymous, and you are paying outside of Russia.

Contactless Payments Won't Switch On

  1. Check you are online. Supported networks: Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.
  2. Navigate to your device settings and make sure NFC is on.

Another possible option: your phone is Xiaomi Mi5s. Here is a special guide for this model:

  1. View Device settings—Wireless and Networks—NFC—Default Wallet.
  2. Tap 'Use HCE Wallet'.

Then you can activate Android Pay using any instruction.

Cannot Find the Contactless Payments Section in the Yandex.Money App

  1. Make sure you are signed in.
  2. Check whether your device is eligible: supported devices are NFC-enabled smartphones and tables running Android KitKat (v. 4.4 or later).
  3. Update your Yandex.Money app. Contactless payments require version 4.8.0 or later.

If it did not work, look through your device specification: may be your phone does not support contactless payments.

Forgot My PIN

You can change PIN of your plastic or virtual Yandex.Money card in the app or on our site under the Bank Cards section.

You can change PIN of your special contactless card only in our app (under the Bank Cards section).