Garmin Pay

Add our card to Garmin Pay and you'll be able to pay at supermarkets, cafes, and online stores, i.e. anywhere contactless payments are accepted.


  1. Yandex.Money card, either virtual (issued instantly) or physical (delivered by mail or courier).
  2. Compatible Garmin watch.

Adding a card to Garmin Pay

  1. Install the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
  2. Link your watch to your smartphone.
  3. Select Garmin Pay in the Garmin app.
  4. Create a Garmin wallet and decide on a payment password.
  5. Add the Yandex.Money card.
  6. Confirm the addition with a text message password.


  1. Press and hold the button on the watch.
  2. Select Garmin Pay in the menu.
  3. Enter the Garmin wallet password.
  4. Select the card you are going to pay with.
  5. Tap the clock against the payment terminal.
  6. After the payment, the watch will vibrate.

Card issues

Payment Doesn't Go Through

Possible reasons:

  • the reader does not support contactless payments
  • not enough money in your wallet; you need to add money to it,
  • you hit one of the Yandex.Money limits
  • your Yandex.Money card expired (virtual card expires in one year, plasic card expires in 3 years)
  • you are paying abroad and your user status is anonymous: in this case, you need to upgrade it.

If neither of these reasons is the case, write to us.

Card Expired

Remove the old card: select Pay Garmin in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, view the Garmin wallet settings, select the card and click "Remove". Issue a new card on our website or in the app, then add it to your watch.

Forgot My PIN

Just change it in the Cards section at the website or in the Yandex.Money app.