Google Pay

Add our card to Google Pay and you'll be able to pay at supermarkets, cafes, and online stores with your phone.


  1. Yandex.Money card, either virtual (issued instantly) or physical (delivered by mail or courier).
  2. An NFC-compatible Android device with the OS version 4.4 or later.

Adding a card to Google Pay

  1. Install and open the Google Pay app.
  2. Tap a plus icon at the bottom of the page, then tap Add card.
  3. Specify your Yandex.Money card details.
  4. Enter the code from the text message.

If the device is connected to Android Wear 2.0 (or a newer version), add the card there as well:

  1. Open Google Pay at the watch and click Start.
  2. Cards already added to Google Pay will be displayed at the screen of the connected device. Click the Yandex.Money card, and it will be added to your watch.

The card added to Google Pay first will become the primary one: all purchases will be paid for with this card. To change this, click on another card's image in Google Pay, then Make primary.


At Stores and Coffee Shops

Unlock the device and hold it near the payment terminal. Wait for the terminal to make a sound signal and remove the phone—the payment is successful.


Click the Buy button with the Google Pay logo and confirm the payment from the device where contactless payments are enabled.

Issues with Phone or Card

Phone Got Lost

If it might fall into someone's hands, block your device via Find My Device (sign in with your Google Play details).

If you got a new SIM card, do not forget to change the phone number linked to your wallet.

Payment Doesn't Go Through

Possible reasons:

  • the reader does not support contactless payments
  • not enough money in your wallet; you need to add money to it,
  • you hit one of the Yandex.Money limits
  • NFC is disabled: you can check it in the phone's settings,
  • you're paying abroad and your user status is anonymous: in this case, you need to upgrade it.

If neither of these reasons is the case, write to us.

Card Expired

Delete the old card from Google Pay. Issue a new card at our website or in the app, then add it to your phone.

Forgot My PIN

Just change it in the Cards section at the website or in the Yandex.Money app.