Yandex.Money do not charge commission for the majority of payments. You can look through exceptions below and in the NBCO Fees.

Our partners can set their own fees.

Basic limits for one operation depend on your user status and the payment method:

From Wallets Payment with a linked Visa, MasterCard, and MIR
Anonymous wallet 15,000 ₽

One-time payment—15,000 ₽

A day—20,000 ₽ and 15 payments

A month—200,000 ₽

Identified wallet 250,000 ₽

One-time payment—100,000 ₽

A day—100,000 ₽ and 15 payments

A month—200,000 ₽

Your user status is irrelevant for other payment methods:

  • payment with Visa, MasterCard, and MIR (not linked with your wallet)—up to 15,000 ₽ at a time
  • payment in cash—15,000 ₽ at a time.

Some goods and services apply other commission and limits:

Mobile Service

For Beeline, Megafon, MTS and Tele2, it depends on the payment method:

Yandex.Money wallet

No commission is charged if you spend less than 3,000 ₽ per month (per operator).

After 3,000 ₽, we'll charge a commission of 2% of the amount.

Yandex.Money bank card

No commission is charged if you pay for mobile services up to 10,000 ₽ per month with your bank card. All payments count, whether online or made at retail outlets.

After 10,000 ₽, we'll charge a commission of 0.5% of the amount.

Other method

For Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, and Tele2, the commission is 2% of the amount.

Paying to other mobile carriers is commission-free.

For other operators, only the Yandex.Money card option applies: if you spend more than 10,000 ₽ per month on mobile services from your card, you'll be charged a commission of 0.5%. In all other cases, there is no commission.

The limits depend on your user status:

Daily limit Monthly limit
Anonymous wallet 5,000 ₽ 15,000 ₽
Identified wallet 15,000 ₽ 100,000 ₽

Tinkoff mobile has its own restrictions: you can pay a maximum of 1,000 ₽ at a time and 5,000 ₽ per month. This doesn't depend on the payment method.

This limit is included in the general limit. For example, if your wallet is anonymous and you paid 5,000 ₽ to Tinkoff Mobile, you will have 10,000 ₽ more for the other operators.

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Games and iTunes

Without commission.

You can spend a maximum of 10,000 ₽ a day on games. To our catalog

iTunes applies limits to a single transaction: no less than 500 ₽ and no more than 15,000. Buy iTunes codes


Commission is 2% of the amount, but no less than 30 ₽.

If you are paying from your Wallet or linked bank card, single-operation limits depend on your user status:

From Wallets From linked card
Anonymous wallet 15,000 ₽ 15,000 ₽
Identified wallet 250,000 ₽ 100,000 ₽

For Visa, MasterCard, and Mir cards (not linked with your wallet), the wallet status does not matter: you can pay up to 15,000 ₽ per day.

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Loan Repayment

Commission amount for all banks is 3% of the amount + 15 ₽.

Limit on a single payment for all users is 15,000 ₽.

If you pay from your Wallet, daily limits are applied:

Anonymous wallet 300,000 ₽
Identified 500,000 ₽

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