Money request: via messenger or email

It works like this: you enter the amount and the name of the transfer, the website generates an email or a link depending on your choice.

The email will be sent to the specified address by itself, the link can be sent to anyone or to a public chat.

The person will receive the email allowing them to transfer the exact amount you specified immediately (maximum 15,000 ₽).

Query Storing

Everything is stored in query history.

If you need to repeat a query (or change some details), select it from the list and click "Use as template".

How to find out whether my query was paid

Standard wallet notification system (email, text message, push).

You can also check the status in query history. If you see an unpaid email request, you can immediately resend it.


We deduct our fee from the transfer amount:

  • if a person pays with a card — 2%,
  • if they pay from the wallet — 0.5%.

Please note: you can only receive transfers from wallet if you confirmed the identity by filling out the online form or completing the identification process. Check the status


Maximum amount for a single request is 15,000 ₽. Wallets also have monthly limits,

as well as an additional limit for the number of requests:

  • 5 requests per day if you have an anonymous wallet,
  • 10 requests per day if you've confirmed your identity (using any method) less than three months ago,
  • 50 requests per day if you've confirmed the identity three months ago or earlier.