Email Invoice

Email invoicing works as follows: you fill out the form, specifying the transfer purpose, its amount, and email address of the payer.

The payer will get the email instantly:

The email invoice allows the recipient to select a payment method and proceed to the payment right away.

How to Learn Invoice Is Paid

You will get an email to the address you specified upon the invoice issue.

We will also make a record about this deposit in your History.

Fees and Limits

The commission for Wallets and cards differs. It is deducted from the payment amount.

  • for cards—2%. If someone transfers you 100 rubles, you will get 98 rubles
  • for Wallets—0.5%. If someone transfers you 100 rubles, you will get 99.5 rubles.

Invoice amount cannot exceed 75,000 rubles. But generally limits depend on your user status. More about limits