Professional Wallet

Upgrade your Wallet to the Professional one if you accept a lot of transfers from different people.

This status helps you settle disputes: if something goes wrong, the payer will be able to file a complaint, and the Professional Wallet owner will be able to respond.

You can only make your Wallet Professional if you got an identified user status. This means the Professional Wallets apply the same feature set (and limits) as the identified Wallets. Scope of features:

Upgrading to Professional Wallet

Two basic conditions: you need to be identified and have your phone number linked with your account. Check your Settings

If you are all set, send a request for this status to our Support Service—via the form at the bottom of the page.

That done, wait for an answer up to 5 days. If your request is approved, your Wallet will be upgraded to a Professional Wallet.

Managing Complaints

If the payer does not like something, this person can file a complaint. The button for that is in the operation details (in History).

Then you have 14 calendar days to respond. Otherwise this person will get your personal details and address and will be able to apply to the court.

We show notifications about incoming complaints on the main page:

You have three options how to respond: return the money, settle the dispute by phone or email, or simply decline the complaint.

Option 1: Refund

View the entry about the disputed transfer (from your History). The button 'Return money to the sender' will be in its details.

You will need to return the amount that was paid (not the amount credited to your Wallet). Example

Upon the refund, complaints are closed automatically.

Option 2: Contact the Claimant

Upon filing a claim, the sender specifies her phone number or email address. If you understand that the conflict can be resolved verbally, contact them. Ask them to withdraw the claim, which can be done in the transfer details.

Option 3: Waive the Complaint

This option is for the case where you are sure the complaint has no grounds. At that, mind that the sender will see your full name and registration address (information sufficient for applying to the court).

  1. Navigate to the transfer details in your History.
  2. Find a gray link ‘Complaint handling’ at the bottom of the page and click it.
  3. Under the viewed details, click ‘Decline’ and specify the decline reasoning.

Automated Refund

In certain cases, Yandex.Money is obliged to return a transfer to the sender. For instance: someone else got access to a person's bank card (or identified Wallet) and transferred you money.

Refund conditions:

  • transfers from Wallets can only be refunded within 2 business days
  • transfers from cards can only be refunded within 180 days.

If this terms has run out, the money will stay on your account at any case.

What to Do If Balance Hits 500,000 Rubles

This is the limit: new incoming transfers will pend for depositing for 7 days and then return to the sender.

You need to spend or transfer some money to free up space on your account:

Message to our Support Service

After filling out the form, you will get a message to your email. The message indicates your request is now in the queue for reviewing.