Yasobe.ru Page

It is a great solution for raising money for a common gift or other good thing.

You just need to fill out a couple of fields, push 'Post', and that's it: you are ready to share the link with your friends.

Go to yasobe.ru

Where Money Accumulates

Money from the page is credited to the Yandex.Money Wallet you specified when configuring the page.

Editing Created Page

We sent you an email with a link to editing the page and a secret word (works as a password).

Edit what you like and save changed.

Fees and Limits

We deduct our fee from the transfer amount:
  • 2% for transfers from cards—if someone sends you 100 rubles, you get 98 rubles
  • 0.5% for transfers from Wallets—if someone transfers you 100 rubles, you get 99.5 rubles.

The limits depend on the transfer method and the recipient's user status. Anonymous users can keep up to 15,000 rubles; identified users can keep up to 500,000 rubles. More about limits