Complaint Management: for Recipients

If someone filed you a complaint, you will see a message on our homepage in the Inbox section:

Then you have 14 days to respond.

Option 1: Refund

The button ‘Return money to the sender’ is in the transfer details. The refund is considered accomplished if you return the whole transfer amount including the commission charged from the sender. Example

Upon the refund, complaints are closed automatically.

Option 2: Contact the Sender

The sender specifies her phone number or email address in the complaint. If you understand that the conflict can be resolved verbally, contact them. Ask the sender to withdraw the claim (they can do it in the transfer details).

Option 3: Waive the Complaint

If you are sure that the complaint has no grounds, you can waive it:

  1. View the payment details.
  2. Find a gray link ‘Complaint handling’ at the bottom of the page and click it.
  3. Under the viewed details, click ‘Decline’ and specify the decline reasoning:

In this case, the sender will be able to see your full name and registration address and will be able to appeal to the court.

This will also happen if you ignore the complaint for 14 days.