Identification for users under 18

You have two options, but both require participation of your parents (or foster parents).

Visit our office or agent

If any of your parent or foster parent can come with you, simply bring the following documents:

If you are willing to come to our office without a parent (foster parent), you will have to visit a notary public with a parent. Notarize the following: 1)copy of your parent's passport and 2) his or her written consent. Bring them to our office together with 3) document proving you are relatives, 4) your passport, and 5) identification application.

Our offices in Russia

Our agents

Sending Documents by Post

You will need to visit a notary public beforehand. And be sure to take your parent or foster parent with you. You need to have the following four documents notarized:

  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your relative's passport
  • copy of the document supporting parent's rights (your birth certificate or foster parent certificate)
  • your parents' written consent.

Send your notarized identification application at the address: Moscow 119021, P.O.B. 57, NBCO Yandex.Money LLC.