Completing Identification Online

Copy Your Identification

Who can apply: users who completed identification for another Yandex.Money Wallet.

Cost: free of charge.

Time required: several minutes

How it works: you copy details from an identified account to your other account. The first one preserves its status.

  1. Sign in to your identified account.
  2. Specify in the form where the details should be copied to.
  3. Confirm the action with a password.

After that, log into your other Yandex.Money account. In your balance menu, you will see a link as follows:

Follow the link, check the details are correct, and confirm it with a password. This Wallet's status will be immediately upgraded.

You can copy your identification a limited number of times: one passport can only be used for identifying maximum of 10 Yandex.Money Wallets.