About Yandex.Money

This is a service allowing you to pay and accept payments.

Without registration—pay for your mobile, internet, and utility services and transfer money to any corporation or sole proprietor in Russia. You can pay with a bank card or in cash.

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If you sign up, you will get additional features to payments: you will be able to set up mobile automatic recharge, pay traffic fines via text messages, raise money using your personal page or site.

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Stores, services, and charity funds (corporations and sole proprietors) can accept money to their checking account, issue invoices to their clients, or make payouts.

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Payments and Transfers

How do I transfer money to other person?

To this person's Yandex.Money Wallet: from your Wallet (0.5% commission) or from your bank card (1% commission).

To this person's bank card: from your Wallet (3% + 45 rubles commission) or from your bank card (the commission rate depend on whether you have a Wallet).

Nuance: to make transfers from your Wallet and accept money to it, you need to provide your personal details.

Identified users can transfer money to bank accounts and via Western Union.

All transfer methods

How do I withdraw cash from my Wallet?
  • You can withdraw money from ATMs. To do so, you need a Yandex.Money card.
  • Transfer money to a bank account and then get it from the bank.
  • Collect money in any Western Union location.
  • Get money at any RNKO “RIB” location in Moscow.

These and other methods of retrieving money

What limits apply to payments and transfers?

In most cases, the limits depend on your user status. For instance, anonymous user can keep up to 15,000 rubles on the balance, and identified user can keep up to 500,000 rubles on the balance.

Some goods and services apply different limits. For instance, you can maximum pay 5,000 rubles a day for mobile services.

How do I get a payment receipt or other confirmation of a payment?

If we know your email address, we will send the receipt right after the debit. The receipt confirms that we accepted your payment.

If you paid a fine or tax, the bank's transfer order will appear in the details of this payment within two business days. This document confirms your money is credited to the recipient's account.

If you need a document sealed by the bank, request it from our Support Service. Add to your message the date and number of the transaction. You can find them under the payment details.

How can I accept payments to my Wallet or bank account?

To Wallet

Any identified user can accept payments to the Wallet. Possible options:

  • share the link to your fundraising page (push your balance to view a drop-down menu with a link to this page),
  • paste a ready-made payment form or button to your site,
  • create your own page via yasobe.ru.

To a bank account

Only corporations and sole proprietors can accept money to their bank accounts. You have two possible options.

Yandex.Billing—a payment form for your site: it allows you to accept money from bank cards and Yandex.Money Wallets. This solution does not require a contract and provides payments without commission for a one-time service fee amounting 3,000 rubles.

Yandex.Checkout—a payment solution allowing you to implement up to 12 payment methods: bank cards, e-wallets, cash, online banking, and other. This solution requires a contract. A commission is charged for every successful payment.

For those who started a Wallet

Adding money to a Wallet (either with or without commission)

The easiest method is to transfer money from a bank card. The commission is 1%.

If you have access to Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, or other online banking systems, you can add money to your Yandex.Money account without leaving the comfort of your home and commission free (or for a small fee, which depends on your bank).

Other options for adding without commission: in “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy” mobile retail outlets by cash or using Sberbank's ATMs from any bank card.

All methods of adding

Nearest location

How do I complete identification? How much it costs?

If you are in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, or Yekaterinburg, come to Yandex's office. Identifiaiton is free.

If you are outside of Russia, we have our identification agents in several countries: they will be happy to accept your documents and send them to Moscow (you will need to pay postal fee).

If you do not have any of these locations anywhere around, you can send your application and your passport's notarized copy by post.

Those who created several Wallets only need to complete identification once. After that, you can copy details from your one Wallet to others (for free).

These and other identification methods

What is a “Yandex.Money bank card”?

This is an addition to your Yandex.Money Wallet. Your Wallet's and bank card's balance is one and the same thing. Though the card allows you to pay at any stores: even if they do not accept payments from the Wallets.

We offer two types of cards:

  1. Virtual card—for free, you can pay with it on any site.
  2. Plastic card—you can order it on our site (300 rubles; with your name on it) or get a pre-issued one in our office (100 rubles; without your name on it). That done, you are ready to pay at any stores and withdraw cash from any ATM.

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Why do I need to link my bank card for payments and how do I use it?

Linking bank card allows for paying directly from your card on any sites that accept Yandex.Money. In this case, the payment is processed through your Wallet and you do not need to specify the card's details at the store.

The payment process looks as usually. When confirming a payment you need to select the source of debiting: your Wallet or linked bank card.

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