Issues with access, password restore

Forgot login password

Yandex has a special page for restoring password.

Enter your login—we will prompt you on further actions.

Forgot payment password

We no longer restore payment passwords: they're too easy to steal or just crack (or forget).

You can switch to text message passwords instead, as they're more secure. Most likely, the transition will take a couple of minutes (you just need to confirm your mobile number). You may need to provide your passport information or talk to the Support Service.

Switch to text message passwords.

Text message passwords won't come

In this case, it is convenient to have emergency codes issued in advance. You can use this code instead of the password for any operation.

If the text messages do not come, you have several options.

a) Text message is simply long to be delivered.

Wait for a few minutes; try requesting the message again.

b) Your mobile carrier has some issues.

Try to check with your carrier's customer support, to make sure everything is okay.

c) Other phone number is specified under your Settings.

Check what phone number is specified in your account Settings, just in case.

If the phone number is correct and the mobile carrier has no issues, but text messages won't come for more than 7 minutes, call us.

The phone linked with your Wallet went missing
I was blocked: what to do

Wallets are usually blocked when something suspicious is happening. In this case, our Security Service need to make sure the owner is in control of the Wallet. Notices about the block are sent by email and posted on our homepage and payment forms.

If your Wallet is blocked, but you cannot find any explanation, fill out the form.