Fraud or theft

Transferred money to a friend whose account appeared to had been hacked

In these cases, tracking down the money is a difficult job. Even if the fraudster transferred the money to his or her personal card (and continues to keep it there), you will need a court decision to return it.

Write to us if something suspicious is happening—we will take measures.

But the only chance to return the money is to contact the law-enforcement agencies.

Contacting Internal Affairs Agencies

If you are in Russia, find the nearest department on their site.

You can file your statement in advance. Specify all details: what has happened, what numbers of phones and bank cards were used in the communication. If you have any bills or receipts, attack their copies to your statement.

When your statement is accepted, ask to move it to the Bureau of Special Technical Measures (if you are in Russia) or to another division specializing on the IT crimes.

For Future Reference

Make it a rule: if someone wants to borrow some money from you via a social network or messenger, ask this person screening questions. For instance: when you've seen each other last time, what is your cat's name, or something like that.

If this person tries to avoid answering or goes silent, this is a sure sign someone tries to defraud you.

An email from Yandex.Money has come: seems like phishing

Our emails should meet three characteristics of original messages. If you mention that at least one of them does not match, this is a phishing email.

1. The Message Itself

We send payment receipts and reminders on payments, notifications if something is changing, and information about our campaigns with our partners.

We do not ask you to send codes, passwords, and other secret information.

2. Sender's Address

The address should end with or

Make sure you are checking the address (, not the name (Yandex.Money or Яндекс.Деньги in Russian):

3. URL addresses of Links and Buttons

Double check contents of your browser's address bar. Fraudsters sometimes change a letter or two in the site's name, so you won't see any differences at the first glance.

Also check the site's address starts with https and has a lock icon next to it:

If at least one of this things does not match, make a screenshot and send it to us.

More about phishing emails

Wallet hacked, money stolen

Call to us right now: our Support Service will temporary block your Wallet and start to look into the problem right away.

If your Wallet is identified and you inform us about the theft within a day, we will return the money to you. But you will need to wait for our inspection to prove you were hacked.

While our support service is looking into the problem, read through our security guide for future reference.