Yandex.Money's Bank Cards

Delivery issue: how long to wait

We send letters from Moscow. The delivery time only depends on the Russian Post.

When we hand your card to the Post, you get an email notice with a special number for tracking the delivery. This track number allows you to see the delivery status on the Russian Post site.

Unfortunately, you cannot affect the process itself, only trace your card.

How to activate the card

Proceed to the activation page (the link is in the letter with your card).

You will need to do the following:

  1. Specify your card number.
  2. Create a PIN for ATMs and readers.
  3. Create a secret word (required for contacting our Support Service).

That done, the card is deemed activated: you are ready to pay and withdraw money.

Forgot my PIN

Simply create a new one.

  • Proceed to the Bank Cards section.
  • Push 'Change PIN'.
  • Enter your password for confirming operations in your Wallet.
  • Specify your new PIN.

Then we recommend you check everything is working. Find any ATM for that: insert your card, specify the new PIN, and request your balance.

Payment from a card did not come through

First, make sure you specified card details and text message password without mistakes.

Second, check your card settings. You might have disabled this type of payments.

Third, check your user status. If your account is anonymous, your one-time payment limit is 15,000 ₽. Additionally, you cannot pay from your card outside of Russia: payments on App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and other non-Russian sites won't work.

If the issue is not connected with limits or statuses, call us. You will need to tell our specialist the card number and the payment's time and amount.

Cannot withdraw money via ATM

If the issue is not with the ATM itself (that is, it accepts cards from other banks), two possible reasons remaining:

  • you are an anonymous user, i.e. you didn't tell us your passport details,
  • you disabled cash withdrawal under your card settings
  • ATM has reached the limit,
  • you have reached the Yandex.Money limit. For reviewed users, it's 5,000 ₽ / day and 40,000 ₽ / month, for identified users, it's 100,000 ₽ / day and 1.3 million ₽ / month.
I have lost my card

Cancel it right now: the button is in your card settings.

If you cannot cancel it, call us at +7 (495) 974-3586

After that you can order a new Yandex.Money card.

Card expires: what to do

The Yandex.Money card is valid until the last day of the month specified in the expiration date: for example, if it states 03/19, the last day is March 31. A "Reissue" button will appear in the wallet (in the "Yandex.Money Cards" section) five weeks before the expiration date. Click on it and order a new card.

When ordering, you'll need to pay for the card: 399 ₽ for delivery by mail, 699 ₽ by courier. Once the card arrives, activate it, and the old one will stop working.