Transfers and Payments

Cannot transfer money

Most likely your account is anonymous.

If transfers do not work after you have upgraded your account status, call us. And be ready to tell your Wallet number.

Cannot transfer money to a card
Did not get money to my card

Sometimes transfers are simply long to be delivered. The maximum term is 5 business days.

For instance, you've made a transfer on Thursday evening. Counting days: 1) Friday, 2) Monday, 3) Tuesday, 4) Wednesday, 5) Thursday. Which means at the worst, the transfer will be completed in a calendar week.

If more than 5 days have passed, contact us.

Payment limits applied

Limits on payment amounts depend on your account status: anonymous or identified.

Check your status on our site, then look through the list of limits.

Withdrawing money from Wallets without commission

The only way to avoid commission is to buy something: for instance, at any online store with a virtual Yandex.Money card.

You can also spend money in the stores, coffee shops, and gas stations with our physical card.

In both cases, money will be debited from your Wallet.

Other options apply a commission:

  • 3% of the amount + 45 rubles for transfers to any bank card
  • 3% of the amount + 15 rubles for transfers to a standard account in a Russian bank
  • 2% (but no less than 30 rubles) for transfers to a corporation or payment of a bill.

All options for withdrawing money