Emergency Codes

Emergency codes additionally secure accounts of those who use passwords in the app and text messages.

These codes can help if your phone gets lost or roaming. You can confirm any operation with an emergency code: paying, transferring, or linking a new phone number.

The button for receiving codes is in your wallet's settings. Every set contains 25 codes. You can use them in any order.

Storing Emergency Codes

The codes never expire. You can print them out and keep at hand or lock them in the desk for special cases only.

The most important thing here is not to keep this page on your computer. Otherwise anyone who has access to it will be able to view our site and confirm any operation on your behalf.

Another important thing: do not show these codes to other people. Yandex.Money's employees will never ask you to name them.

What to Do if the Printout Got Lost

The easiest solution is to issue new set of codes immediately. The previous codes will stop working.

If you cannot issue a new set, contact our Support Service right away to have your Wallet temporary blocked. After that you can restore access to it. For instance, file a written application for linking a new phone number.

Applying for Changing Phone Number

You need to fill the application form out, then print your ready application and sign it.

Download application form

Bring this application to our offices (Russia) or to our agent's offices (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, or others). Do not forget to bring your passport with you.

If you cannot visit our office, send it by registered post. This requires the following:

  1. Make a copy of your passport (the main page with your photo).
  2. Notarize the copy of your passport. If you are unable to do so in your country, please confirm your signature on the application.

    If your passport or notarization are not in Russian, have them translated into Russian. Then notarize the translator's signature.

    Then everything depends on the country where you're notarizing the documents. Select it from the list:

  3. Send these documents by registered mail to the address: POB 57, NBCO Yandex.Money LLC, 115035 Moscow.

The application will be handled within 10 days maximum. When everything is ready, you will get a text message code and a notification on the website (in the bell). Click on the bell, follow the link to restore your password, and enter the code from the text message.