Permanent payment password

You may have a permanent password if you opened your wallet before January 2014. The best recommendation for you is to switch to one-time passwords: you do not need to remember them, and nobody can steal them from you.

Dealing with Permanent Password

Do not send this password in messengers or via email and do not dictate it to other people. You can only enter this password on our site: check the address in your browser's address bar thoroughly.

More recommendations:

  • do not enter the password if you are connected to a public network, or if you are using another person's computer
  • do not allow the browser to remember the payment password,
  • change this password at least once every 6 months.

If you do not have a phone number linked to your account, add your phone number. Then you'll be able to activate the "alarm": text message notifications about all transactions in the wallet.

Changing Permanent Payment Password

You need to remember your current payment password: enter your active password, then the new one.

Change payment password

You need to change this password at least once every 6 months:

  • use at least 6 characters for it
  • use both lowercase and uppercase letters or digits (special characters).

The best practice is to create a unique password for Yandex.Money and do not use it anywhere else.

What to do if I forgot my password

We no longer restore payment passwords: they're too easy to steal or just crack (or forget).

You can switch to text message passwords instead, as they're more secure. Most likely, the transition will take a couple of minutes (you just need to confirm your mobile number). You may need to provide your passport information or talk to the Support Service.

Switch to text message passwords.