Push Notifications Instead of Passwords

If you have a device running Android or iOS, you can confirm operations via the Yandex.Money app without passwords. Initiate a transfer on a site, and we will show the Confirm button it our app.

This options is now available not for all types of operations: out site notifies whether the option is available for every particular case. You will be able to choose whether to push the button in your phone or enter password as usually.

The security is at the same level as when you use text message passwords: you can neither capture nor forge Yandex.Money's push notifications.

I Do Not Have the Yandex.Money App

Download in App Store or Google Play. It is for free: get a link to your phone.

Nuance: we have an app for Windows Phone, but it does not support confirmation via push notifications.

What to do when downloaded:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Allow it to send notifications.
  3. Sign in with your username and password.

After that we will be able to send you push notifications with 'Confirm' button for the operations that support such confirmation.

Accepting Push Notifications

If you use our app, simply check your phone and app settings. You need them to have access to sending push notifications. You do not need to adjust any other settings: we will offer you this type of confirmation automatically wherever it is possible.

Notifications Do Not Come

If the site offers you to confirm an operation via our app, but you do not see the button, check the following:

  1. Your smartphone is connected to the internet.
  2. Push notifications are not forbidden in the phone or app settings.
  3. You signed into our app with your username.
  4. You use one username on our site and in our app.