Payment Methods

Wallet or linked bank card

You can pay from your Wallet, if you have enough money on the balance.

How to add money to your balance

If you do not want to add money to your balance for that one, link your bank card: you will be able to pay directly from it, but you will not need to specify its details.

More about linking cards

Payment on our site
  1. Select a good or service in the catalog.
  2. Specify payment amount and other details if required. For instance, this is how a payment form of the internet service provider looks like:

  3. Select the money source: you will see the list of possible options on the next step.
  4. Confirm payment with your password. An entry about the payment will be saved to your History. The payment receipt will be sent to your email.

More about passwords for payment confirmation

Payment on a site of a store or via other service

If you see Yandex.Money in the list of payment methods, select is.

  1. The store will redirect you to the Yandex.Money site.
  2. There you will be able to select the source for the payment: your Yandex.Money account or your bank card linked to it (if present).
  3. Confirm payment with your password. An entry about the payment will be saved to your History. The payment receipt will be sent to your email.

If you cannot find Yandex.Money among payment options, select bank card—you will be able to pay with a virtual Yandex.Money card. The payment amount will be debited from your Wallet.

If we know your email address, we will send the receipt right after the debit. The receipt confirms that we accepted your payment.

If you paid a fine or tax, the bank's transfer order will appear in the details of this payment within two business days. This document confirms your money is credited to the recipient's account.

If you need a document sealed by the bank, request it from our Support Service. Add to your message the date and number of the transaction. You can find them under the payment details.

Any Bank Card

You can pay with a bank card on our site even if it is not linked with your account.

Select bank card as a payment method and push «Continue»:

On the next step, you will need to specify the bank card details and then enter your bank's password.

No additional commission for paying with bank card applied.


With Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and «MIR», you can pay no more than 15,000 rubles at a time (and a day).

In cash, using payment code

If you do not have a Yandex.Money account and card (or its balance is empty), you can pay in cash. Select cash as your payment method: you will get a payment code to your phone. This code allows you to pay in cash via a payment kiosk and at a mobile retail outlet.

We do not apply commission to such payments, but some payment kiosks may set their own fees. Maximum payment amount is 15,000 rubles, but some locations may set lower limits.

Payment at a cash register in «Svyaznoy»

As soon as you get a message with the code, go to «Svyaznoy».

Tell the cashier all information from the text message: payment through Yandex, payment code, amount. Next:

  1. The cashier will give you a provisional receipt. Check the details in it are correct.
  2. If everything is in order, give cash to the cashier.
  3. Take the payment receipt in return. You will need it if something goes wrong.

No commission; money is credited immediately.

Find the nearest outlet

Payment via payment kiosk

Menus in payment kiosks may vary. Most important is to find a «Yandex» (or «Yandex.Money») button. It is usually under the sections names«e-money» or «payment systems».

  1. Push «Yandex».
  2. Enter the payment code from our text message into the «Bill Number» field.
  3. Insert cash and keep the receipt.

Money is usually credited instantly, but the exact term depends on the payment kiosk's service company. «Svyaznoy», «Mobile Element», Sberbank, and MKB do not charge commission.

Find the nearest payment kiosk

Payment kiosks sometimes cannot accept certain amounts: for instance, a payment kiosk does not accept notes less than 50 rubles.

How to pick up the change:

  • if you do not have a Wallet, you will get the change to your mobile phone balance: at least 1 rubles, up to 1,000 rubles
  • if you issued the payment code when you were signed in, the change will be credited to your balance.

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