Favorites, Reminders, Autopayments

The most important payments are on top in your Wallet. We can remind you about them and repeat them at your request.


Push a star icon after the payment or later under your History to move the payment to your Favorites.

Your Favorites are recorded on our site's main page. You can repeat them in a couple of clicks:

Rename any payment under its details in your Favorites if you need to:


Our reminders are free and work for almost all goods and services of our catalog.

You can set them up in the course of a payment:

Then you will get emails with a button for quick repeat of the scheduled payment.

Some payments allow you to activate text message reminders for them: we will send reminders to your linked phone number. Every text message has a code for payment confirmation: you will send this code in the message of reply, and we perform a new payment for you.


You can delegate all you pay for regularly to our service—phone, internet, TV, utility, loans, travel cards, and other.

Autopayments for Skype

You can activate autopayments for one Skype account, whether it is your private account or multiple users account. Autopayment is performed the moment your Skype account balance goes below 5 euros. Money is debited from your Wallet or from your bank card linked with it.

Activate Skype autopayment

As Skype is not a Russian company, only identified users can utilize this feature.

More about user statuses

Other nuances:

  • before activating the service make sure you have at least 5 euros on your Skype account. Otherwise autopayments won't work. If your balance is below this threshold, preliminary top it up manually
  • only one administrator can activate an autopayment for a multiple user account. If you are the only one, but it won't work, write to our Support Service
  • if you do not have enough money on your Yandex.Money account or bank card linked to it, we will repeat attempts to execute the payment for 24 hours. If you add money to your card or account within this time, the autopayment will be performed.
Autopayments for mobile services: Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, Tele2

You can set up autopayments when adding money to your balance. Money will be debited from your Wallet or your bank card linked to itcommission free.

  1. Specify the phone number and amount you are paying for the phone service.
  2. Check the box 'Set up autopayments' and select the best option:
  3. Confirm payment with a password.

Money for mobile service will be immediately transfered, and your mobile carrier will send you a text message the autopayments are set. Reply to this message if you need to. If you did not get the message, the autopayments most likely were activated automatically.

You can set up autopayments for a maximum of 10 phone numbers in one Wallet.

Set up autopayments for mobile phone service


You can set autopayments less than the amount you are currently paying. But you cannot set larger amount: if you pay 500 rubles to your mobile carrier, you can schedule autopayment amounting no more than 500 rubles for this one.

The threshold for autopayments may trigger too often, so it applies the following limits:

  • for anonymous users—5,000 rubles a day and 15,000 rubles a month
  • for identified users—10,000 rubles a day and 30,000 rubles a month.

If you do not have enough money for an autopayment, we will repeat attempts to pay for one hour. Add money to your Wallet or card within this time, and the payment will pass. If you do not add it in time, these autopayments will be cancelled. To set it working again, pay to your mobile carrier manually.

Autopayment to bank card

If you regularly make transfers to a bank card, for example, for your relatives or for language courses, you can enable autopayments. Once a month, money will be sent without your participation.

It only works for one card for now.

How to enable autopayments to a card

Send a transfer as usual, and indicate the date and the amount for the autopayment.

Side note: you can reduce the amount but not increase it.


The commission is the same as with the usual transfers, which is 3% of the amount + 45 rubles.

The minimum amount is 100 rubles, the maximum amount is 15,000 ₽.

We send text messages and emails before each autopayment. We send notification of success after.

The money is debited from the wallet. No money will be debited from the linked card.

Other autopayments

You can activate autopayments in the course of a payment—before specifying password:

You can set autopayments less than the amount you are currently paying. But you cannot set larger amount: if you top up the Troyka card with 500 rubles, you can schedule autopayment amounting no more than 500 rubles for this one.

We send text messages and emails before each automatic payment. We send notification on success after. Money is debited from your Wallet or your bank card linked to it; entry about the payment appears in your History. If a service provider starts to charge fee or changes its amount, you will get notification about it to your email in advance.

The list of your autopayments is on the main page (the Your Operations section). You can also disable autopayments and change their amount or due date at any moment.

Nuance: you can only activate one autopayment for one phone number, contract, or customer account.

If you decide to pay some service manually and check 'Set up autopayment' for it (with other date and amount) when an autopayment for it is set, the second autopayment will not be set. But the first autopayment's date and amount will be updated to the ones you specified last.