What Are Bonus Points

What are bonus points

Bonus points are gifts for payments from your Yandex.Money Wallet. You can use them as money: 1 bonus point = 1 ruble.

Save the page with your bonus points balance to your bookmarks: you will be able to see your balance, operation history, and locations for collecting and spending bonus points on this page.

How to collect bonus points
You have two options:
  • get them for nothing in an email from us
  • get them for making payments from your Wallet on our site.

For free

Check your email linked with your Wallet: we will send email with bonus points from time to time.

You will be able to activate these bonus points by hitting the link in the email. Such link expires in 30 days, so check your email at least once a month.

For payments

We present bonus points for payments from your Wallet on some pages of our site.

The quantity of bonus points and a button for crediting them will appear after the payment (on the screen saying Payment Successful).

Spending Bonus Points

We have a list of pages that accept bonus points: you can find a whole lot of different things there—payments for internet or utility services, purchase of games or tickets.

Paying with bonus points:
  1. View any payment from the list.
  2. Check your Wallet as a payment method: you will see the Spend Bonus Points check-box and your bonus points balance.
  3. Specify the amount you want to pay from Your Wallet and the amount of bouns points you want to spend.

    Important: you need to spend at lest 1 ruble from your Wallet. This means that if the payment amount is ₽100, you can spend maximum of ₽99 for this purchase.

  4. Click "Pay".

If you make a refund of such payment, the money will be returned to where they are originate from: to your Wallet and bonus points balances.

Tracking Bonus Points Balance

Push your Wallet balance on our site. You will see your bonus points balance.

If you cannot see anything about bonus points, you are yet to collect any of them.