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A MCC indicates the category of a point of sale. When you pay at the book store, the bank transmits code 5732 to Yandex.Money. Electronic store—5942. This indicates for us that this a payment, commission is not charged. But a store can set an MCC of transfers from cards: 4829, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6534, 6538, 6540. If the bank transmits to us one of these codes, the commission will be debited automatically. In this case, we recommend you inform the store's customer support about an issue with their MCC.

All users regardless of their account statuses can withdraw money anywhere in the world. Users with anonymous accounts can withdraw no more than 5,000 rubles a day and 40,000 rubles a month (or the equivalent of these amounts in another currency). Users with identified account can withdraw no more than 100,000 rubles at a time and 1,300,000 rubles a month (or the equivalent of these amounts in another currency).

The code is specified on the card; 3 digits near your signature:

If this person did not provide the passport details, this person's Yandex.Money account is anonymous and its maximum balance is limited to 15,000 rubles. If this person is from Russia and provided some personal details online, this person's Yandex.Money account is reviewed and its maximum balance is limited to 60,000 rubles. Users with identified accounts can keep up to 500,000 rubles.

All money transferred to the Wallet will be converted into rubles. Mind that the conversion applies the Central Bank of Russia's conversion rate + 2%.

If you use our mobile app, simply bring your phone with you: the order number will be there. Or check the number in advance, on our site:

To check the number, push your balance:

When you get 199 rubles, the sender actually pays 200 rubles—including 0.5% commission. Which means you need to return 200 rubles. This transfer also applies 0.5% commission. In total, you need to pay 201 rubles.

For instance: birth certificate or your forster parent certificate If you cannot provide the original document, bring its notarized copy.

If you were signed in Yandex.Money when you paid, copy the transaction number from the payment details under your History. If you were not logged in, you got an email with the payment receipt—find the payment number in it.

If an autopayment from your linked bank card did not work, your bank forbids debiting money without a password. Try linking another card or keep the money for the autopayment in your Wallet.

Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Tajikistan, Tunis, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.

For instance: birth certificate or your forster parent certificate. If you cannot provide the original document, bring its notarized copy.

You specified it when starting your Wallet specially for restoring the password. The code consists of 5-7 digits.

Phone numbers:


+7 (495) 974-35-86

Another Russian city:

8 (800) 250-66-99


+7 (495) 974-35-86

This option is activated by default for everyone who installed “Mobile Bank”. The main thing is not to disable “Quick Payment” manually (or reactivate it).

The card is usually sent by the Russian Post. But if you are in Moscow, you can order a delivery with a courier: the card will be delivered in a week. The cost is 399 rubles instead of 199 rubles.

Such threshold is applied to every carrier separately. If you hit the threshold, all the above amount applies 2% commission of the amount.

If you are 17 or less, look through the special instructions

The “Quick Payment” option is activated by default for everyone who installs “Mobile Bank”. It is important not to disable it manually (or reactivate later on).

Besides your passport, you can use the following documents for identification:
  • diplomatic passport
  • service passport
  • external passport if you permanently live outside of Russia (we will also need to see your Residence Permit for your country of residence)
  • Russian Residence Permit, if you do not have a citizenship
  • refugee certificate.
Your Residence Permit or refugee certificate should be valid for at least three months from its submitting date (the date of the post stamp).
  • Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Belarus, Bulgaria
  • China, Cube, Cyprus, Czech Republic
  • Egypt, Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia, Lithuania
  • Moldavia, Mongolia
  • Poland
  • Romania, Russia
  • Slovakia, Spain
  • Tajikistan, Tunis, Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine, Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

Make an appointment in advance, otherwise you won't be able to get in. You can also learn the price of sending your documents:

Write to our agent via the Telegram messenger and appoint a meeting. You can also learn the price of sending your documents.

If you cannot reach the agent by this number in this time, write to us.

If you cannot reach the agent by this number in this time, write to us.

You need to bring your passport and filled out application.

Bring to this meeting your passport, its copy (the page with your photo), and your application.

I cannot get you on the phone

For instance, you need to pay 10 USD, and today MasterCard set the ruble's rate to the dollar to 55 rubles. Then:
  • 10 х 55 = 550,
  • add 2.5% (13.75 rubles) to these 550 rubles,
  • so we will reserve 563.75 rubles on your account for this payment.

Even if you withdraw 100 rubles (or any other amount below 3,300 rubles) the commission will amount 100 rubles as it is the minimum fee. Starting from 3,350 rubles, the commission rate is calculated at the rate of 3%. For instance, the commission will amount 150 rubles for 5,000 rubles.

Even if you transfer 100 rubles (or any other amount below 3,300 rubles) the commission will amount 100 rubles as it is the minimum fee. Starting from 3,350 rubles, the commission rate is calculated at the rate of 3%. For instance, the commission will amount 150 rubles for 5,000 rubles.

You've added this first or set it as “primary” under the device settings.

When you get 199 rubles, the sender pays 200 rubles—including 0.5% commission. Which means you need to return 200 rubles. The transfer of this 200 rubles applies 0.5% commission. In total, you will need to pay 201 rubles.

You can order a personalized card at our website, then recieve it at the post office (from courier). We also have instant cards (not personalized): you can get one at a Yandex.Money office or from one of our partners.

paper application on linking your new phone number

You need to fill the application form out, then print your ready application and sign it.

Download application form

Bring this application to our offices (Russia) or to our agent's offices (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, or others). Do not forget to have your passport with you.

If you cannot visit our office, send it by registered post. This requires the following:

  1. Make a copy of your passport (the main page with your photo).
  2. Notarize either the passport copy or your signature on your application.
  3. Send these documents by registered mail to the address: POB 57, NBCO Yandex.Money LLC, 115035 Moscow.
The application for those who is below 18

You will need assistance of your parents or foster parents.

The first option is to come to Yandex.Money's office (Russia) or our agent's office (Belarus, Crimea, Kazakhstan).

If any of your parent or foster parent can come with you, simply bring the following documents:

If you are willing to come to our office without a parent (foster parent), you will have to visit a notary public with a parent. Notarize the following: 1)copy of your parent's passport and 2) his or her written consent. Bring them to our office together with 3) document proving you are relatives, 4) your passport, and 5) access restore application.

Second option is to send documents by post. You need to have the following four documents notarized:

Send notarized documents at the address: NBCO “Yandex.Money” LLC, POB 57, 115035 Moscow, Russia.

Send details via the internet

You can do so in the following cases:

  1. You handed us some other application in the past. For instance, an application for linking a phone number or restoring access to your Wallet. If that suits you, send us a light application.
  2. You completed identification in the past for another Yandex.Money Wallet. In this case, you can copy these details for your other Wallet, which will make them both identified.

All these three methods are free.

Visit our office

We only accept applications in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, and Yekaterinburg.

This method suits everybody regardless of your citizenship. Reviewing your application will take 7 working days. It is for free.

Instructions and contacts of our offices

Pay in “Euroset” or Contact

These outlets are located all over Russia. You can only complete identification there if you are a Russian citizen of at least 18 years old.

Euroset will charge 50 rubles for the service, 1 ruble of which will be credited to your Wallet. “” The details will be updated on our site in a couple of minutes.

You will need to pay 250 rubles in the Contact outlet, 100 rubles of which will be credited to your Wallet. The details will be updated on our site in one working day.

Identification in Euroset “”

Identification in Contact

Send documents by post

You will need to send to us a notarized copy of your passport and your application. If you are under 18, or you are not a Russian citizen, identifying will take a bit more efforts.

Full instructions

Reviewing application may take up to 20 days (excluding delivery time). Reviewing your application is free, but you need to pay for services of the post office and notary public.

Come to our agent if you are not in Russia

We have our agents in several cities of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine and in Baku, Bishkek, Harbin, Kishinev, Petah Tikva, and Yerevan.

To meet the agent, you need an appointment: contact by phone first to set up a meeting. Check with the agent the price of sending the documents form your city.

Contacts of all our agents

To complete identification, you need an application. Fill out our application form and print it out before visiting the agent.

Download application form or view example.

If you do not want to print it out, you can ask for an empty form in the agent's office. But be sure to have your Wallet number at hand.

  1. Call to the agent's office and appoint a meeting when it is convenient.
  2. Bring your passport and both copies of your application if you printed them out.
  3. Pass the documents. Our agent will make a copy of your passport and take your application.

After the visit you will need to wait for 10 business days.

A special mark and a link for checking your details will appear on our site (near your balance). If you find an error in the details, write to our Support Service. Specify “Identification” as the subject.

If everything is correct, confirm the details with a password. Your user status will become identified immediately after the confirmation.

Payment on a non-Russian site

Besides usual card details, you may need to specify additional information.

  • Billing Address is a home address you specified for delivering your card. Simply type it in with Latin characters.
  • Address 1—house number, apartment number, street. For instance: 1/11 Moskovskaya Street.
  • Address 2—optional field. You can specify a part of the city if you have several streets with the same name in your city.
  • State—county or region. For instance: Moscow or Moskovskaya Region.
  • ZIP or Postal Code—your postal code.
Who can link the Yandex.Money Wallet

Only Russian citizens. Three options more:

Linking Wallet

Start on WebMoney's site.

  1. Navigate to “Linking of Accounts Service” and select Yandex.Money.
  2. Specify the numbers of your accounts.
  3. Copy the generated linking code. You will need it to confirm this action (valid for 24 hours).

Now go to the Yandex.Money site and push your balance:

Follow the link and enter the linking code. That done, a section with WebMoney will appear in your account Settings. You can cancel the link under this section.

Confirming the link: verification number

You will see a prompt to confirm the link on our site if you are signed in. Follow the link in this prompt and enter your verification number (you have 48 hours to complete the procedure).

This verification number is issued on WebMoney's site after you make a request for linking. If you did not copy this number, you can copy it under your WebMoney profile (section “Messages”).

If you are sure you signed into your proper Yandex.Money account, but still do not see the prompt, write to our Support Service.

I can see a suggestion to make a transfer without linking accounts

You cannot transfer money between services without linking. The one suggesting you such transfer violates rules of both services.

Such suggestion may be fraudulent: this person will just take money from your Wallet and make no transfer. Please be careful: use only official transfer methods.

You can make transfers right after confirming the link:

  1. From Yandex.Money to WebMoney—under your account Settings (the “Other” section).

    Transfer money to a WebMoney Purse

  2. From WebMoney to Yandex.Money—under the “Purses” section: click the Yandex.Money icon and select “Top up from Purse”.

Money is usually credited in several minutes. If something goes wrong, whole amount will be returned to your WebMoney Purse.

  1. Enter 'Yandex.Money' in the search box and push the first match:

  2. Specify the Wallet number and payment amount.
  3. Confirm the payment with a password.
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan,
  • Belarus,
  • Estonia,
  • Georgia,
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
  • Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Moldova,
  • Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan,
  • Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan,
  • Estonia,
  • Georgia,
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
  • Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Moldova,
  • Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan,
  • Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
  1. Passport
  2. If your passport is not in Russian, you also need its notarized translation
  3. Visa or other document permitting your stay in Russia
  4. Migration card (everyone except Belarus citizents)