To a bank account

You can transfer money to a corporation or sole proprietor from your Wallet, from any bank card, or by cash (without signing up to Yandex.Money).

You can transfer money to an individual from your Wallet. Anonymous users cannot make such kind of money transfers.

Transfer to a person

You can transfer money from your Wallet to an individual's standard account opened in any Russian bank.

Some banks provide sped up money transfers.

Alfa-Click, «Bank Connection» service

Create a link between your Wallet and bank account under the Alfa-Click service (we call it «Bank Connection»).

Activation guide

When created, you can transfer money in both directions: from Alfa-Click to your Wallet without commission and from your Wallet to Alfa-Click with 3% commission. Money is usually credited in a minute.

The button for making such transfer will appear under your Wallet settings:


You can make such transfer only if you are identified.

You will need to specify the recipient's full name and bank account number and the bank's BIC.

Commission—3% of the amount. The maximum amount is 15,000 ₽. Money is credited immediately.

Transfer money to Promsvyazbank

Tinkoff Bank

You can make such transfer only if you are identified.

You will need to specify number of your contract with the bank.

Commission—3% of the amount. The maximum amount is 15,000 ₽. Money is credited immediately.

Transfer money to Tinkoff Bank

Other Russian bank

Our commission is 3% of the amount + 15 ₽. The bank where the account you are transferring money to is opened may charge additional commission.

The money will be credited to the account within 3 business days.

Fill out all fields thoroughly: if there will be a mistake in the banking details, the bank may cancel the transfer. The commission applied will not be returned in this case.

Maximum amount:

  • at a time—100,000 ₽;
  • a month—3 million rubles.

Transfer money to a Russian bank

Transfer to an account of a corporation or sole proprietor

You can make a payment to any corporation or sole proprietor in Russia to their banking details using bills:

Commission is 2%, minimum 30 ₽. If you send any amount up to 1,500 ₽, the commission is 30 ₽. If the payment amount exceeds 1,500 rubles, the commission rate is 2%. For instance, it will amount 100 rubles for a 5,000 ₽ payment.

You can pay from your Yandex.Money Wallet, with any bank card, or in cash (by the payment code).

Money will be credited within 2-3 business days.

How to make a transfer
  1. Specify recipient's INN (TIN). If this number is in our database, our site will automatically fill in the remaining banking details. If this number is not in our database, you will need to fill the banking details in manually.
  2. Enter the payer's details: last name, first name, middle name, address.
  3. Select a category: for instance, «Education» or «State duties».
  4. Specify the payment purpose.
More about payment purpose

Specify all possible details that will help the recipient to identify your payment:

  • name of a good or service
  • number of a bill (contract) or other ID number
  • the term you are paying for, if it matters
  • your last name and initials.

Sample of a payment purpose:

  • Payment for security services under the bill No. 123456789 for June, 2016; payer A. B. Johnson.
  • Payment for parking spot No. 64 at the address: Moscow, 10 Ordzhonikidze ulitsa, Moscow, A. B. Johnson, August 2016

Please note: if the payment purpose lack some information, the bank will decline the payment.

How to get a confirmation

If you are logged in when you pay, we will save this payment and the bank's receipt with a seal to your History.

If you are not logged in, you will get details of the payment to your email address.


Limit for one payment is 15,000 ₽ (including commission).

Monthly limits:

  • Payments from a Wallet—150,000 ₽
  • Payments with a linked bank card—100,000 ₽.

Loan Repayment

On our site, you can transfer money to a bank or microfinance organization, if you have an unpaid debt.

The link to loans is in 'Popular Services' (view the Goods and Services section).

Loan in a bank

If your bank is not in our catalog, choose 'Any Russian bank'.

As a rule, you need to specify the lendee full name and the number of account or loan contract. If you choose 'Any Russian bank', you'll need to provide its BIC.

Commission is 3% of the amount + 15 ₽.

Single payment maximum is 15,000 ₽. Daily limits:

  • 300,000 ₽ for anonymous and reviewed users,
  • 500,000 ₽ for identified users.

In some cases, money is credited immediately, but usually it takes one business days. If you pay on Friday, the payment will be completed on Monday.

Loan in microfinance organization

If you are paying on our site, specify the number of your contract with the microfinance organization and payment amount.

If you are paying on the site the microfinance organization, sign in.

Money will be credited immediately. Without commission.

Loans in banks with a revoked license

You can make a payment on an active loan or settle a debt even if the bank where you took the loan is no longer operating.

Commission is 1.5% of the payment amount.

The limit on payments per day depends on the wallet status:

  • 250 000 ₽ for anonymous and reviewed,
  • 500,000 ₽ for identified.

Settlements are made on the following business day.

Get Assistance of Our Support Service

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