To Bank Card

To make a transfer to a bank card, you only need to know its number.

You can make a transfer from your wallet, a bank card linked to it, or any other bankcard. The latter option doesn't require registration.

Transfer from Wallet to Card

If you didn't confirm your identity at all (anonymous wallet), you won't be able to make a transfer.

If you filled out an online form on the website (reviewed wallet) or completed identification, you can send transfers to any cards (with some exceptions).

Check your wallet's status

The commission for transfer is 3% of the amount + 45 ₽.

Supported bank cards

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Mir issued by any bank worldwide.


  • “Citibank's” cards
  • cards issued in Afghanistan, Columbia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, or the USA
  • some types of cards for which banks set individual restrictions (this may be virtual or payroll cards).
How to transfer money

Select a transfer from your Wallet to a card.

  1. Specify the card number and the transfer amount: from 100 to 15,000 ₽ for a reviewed account, 75,000 ₽ for an identified account (including commission).
  2. The final amount including commission will be displayed on the website: 3% of the amount + 45 ₽.
  3. If required, add a message for the recipient.

Money will be debited from your Wallet.

Deposit term

Money is usually credited to cards immediately.

Sometimes transfer may take up to five business days: it depends on the bank.


Minimum transfer amount is 100 rubles.

Maximum amounts:

  • reviewed wallets — 15,000 ₽ at a time (including commission), 150,000 per day, 300,000 per month,
  • identified wallets — 75,000 ₽ at a time (including commission), 150,000 per day, 600,000 per month.

Maximum of 5 transfers to non-Russian cards.

What if the card is not in rubles

Transfers from your Wallet are always in rubles: if the recipient's card is in other currency, the recipient's bank will apply its own rates to convert the amount to the card's currency.

Transfer Between Cards (Russia)

You can transfer money between cards if they both were issued in Russia.

If you are logged in, such transfer is charged a commission of 1.5% of the amount (no less than 35 ₽). If you don't have a wallet, the commission will amount to 1.95% (but no less than 40 ₽).

Transfers are usually completed instantly. But sometimes it may take a few days.

How to transfer money
  1. Select “From a bank card” and “To a bank card”; specify all required banking details. If you have a bank card linked with your Wallet, you'll only need to enter its CVC (as it is for payments).

  2. Specify you email address. We will send a receipt to it.
  3. If required, add a message for the recipient.
  4. Specify the amount: our website will calculate total amount including commission.
  5. Confirm the transfer by entering a password your bank will send you.

Money is usually credited immediately. If not, just wait: in rare cases money transfers may take several days.

How to get a transfer confirmation

After the transfer you will get an email message with transfer details and amount. If your have an online banking for your card, a new debit entry will appear in it.


You can make a maximum of 4 transfers from one card per day: 75,000 ₽ at a time, 500,000 ₽ per month. These limits also apply to the recipient's card.

Why I was charged an additional commission

Yandex.Money only charges the standard commission which is 1.5% of the amount (no less than 35 ₽). If the commission amount you paid appears to be larger than that, your bank might have determined this transaction as a cash withdrawal.

Contact the bank's customers support.

Get Assistance of Our Support Service

If you cannot find an answer to your question, write to our Support Service.

After filling out the form, you will get a message to your email. The message indicates your request is now in the queue for reviewing.