To WebMoney and Other Electronic Systems

Ruble WebMoney wallet

You can transfer money to a WRM wallet if it is linked with your Yandex.Money account.

Linking your accounts is free; the commission for transfers is 3% of the amount. If you transfer one thousand rubles to one e-wallet, the source e-wallet will be debited 1,030 rubles.


Minimum transfer amount is 10 rubles.

Identified users can send up to 15,000 ₽ from their wallets per transfer and per day.

Who can link the Yandex.Money Wallet

Only Russian citizens. Three options more:

Linking Wallet

Start on WebMoney's site.

  1. Navigate to “Linking of Accounts Service” and select Yandex.Money.
  2. Specify the numbers of your accounts.
  3. Copy the generated linking code. You will need it to confirm this action (valid for 24 hours).

Now go to the Yandex.Money website and open the bell:

Follow the link and enter the linking code. That done, a section with WebMoney will appear in your account Settings. You can cancel the link under this section.

Confirming the link: verification number

You will see a prompt to confirm the link on our site if you are signed in. Follow the link in this prompt and enter your verification number (you have 48 hours to complete the procedure).

This verification number is issued on WebMoney's site after you make a request for linking. If you did not copy this number, you can copy it under your WebMoney profile (section «Messages»).

If you are sure you signed into your proper Yandex.Money account, but still do not see the prompt, write to our Support Service.

I can see a suggestion to make a transfer without linking accounts

You cannot transfer money between services without linking. The one suggesting you such transfer violates rules of both services.

Such suggestion may be fraudulent: this person will just take money from your Wallet and make no transfer. Please be careful: use only official transfer methods.

You can make transfers right after confirming the link:

  1. From Yandex.Money to WebMoney—under your account Settings (the «Packages / other services» section).

    Transfer money to a WebMoney Purse

  2. From WebMoney to Yandex.Money—under the «Purses» section: click the Yandex.Money icon and select «Top up from Purse».

Money is usually credited in several minutes. If something goes wrong, whole amount will be returned to your WebMoney Purse.

Visa Qiwi Wallet

Transfer money from Yandex.Money to QIWI and vice versa.


Minimum transfer amount is 10 rubles.

Identified users can send up to 15,000 ₽ from their wallets per transfer and per day.

Identified users can send money from their wallets in the amount ofOn Yandex.Money's site: find 'Adding money to QIWI Wallet' in the Online Services section of the Goods and Services catalog.

On QIWI's site: type Yandex.Money in the search box and select the first result.

To avoid paying commission for transfers, spend money directly from your Wallet or from our virtual bank card.