To Other Wallet

You can make a transfer if you know the recipient's Wallet number, mobile phone number, or email address.

Transfer from Your Wallet

You can make or receive such transfer if you are an identified user (check it in the drop-down menu by hitting your balance). Anonymous users will need to complete identification procedure.

Money is debited from your Wallet balance or from your bank card linked with it. The commission is 0.5%; money is credited instantly.

How to transfer money

View the “Transfers” section in the left-hand menu.

  1. Specify the recipient: you can enter a Wallet number, phone number, or email address.

  2. If you need it, set a security code. The recipient will see that you send the money but will not be able to collect it without specifying the code.

  3. Enter the amount: our site will calculate total sum including 0.5% commission. If you transfer 100 rubles, 100 rubles and 50 kopecks will be deducted from your Wallet.
  4. Select the source of your transfer: from your Yandex.Money Wallet or from a bank card linked to it.
  5. Confirm the operation with your password.

Money is credited instantly: ask the recipient to check the balance.

More about security code

You may need to set a security code in two cases:

  • you are not sure whether you specified correct Wallet or phone number
  • you expect the recipient to satisfy some important conditions before collecting the money.

The transfer amount will be reserved on your account and only be debited when the recipient will specify the security code on his side.

The code's validity term can be set manually: from 1 to 365 days.

If the recipient will not collect the money in time, it will be released from holding on your account or return to your linked bank card if you make the transfer from it. This will also happen if the recipient specifies the code incorrectly three times in a row.

The sender can check the security code at any moment: it is recorded under the transfer details (History).


The limits depend on your user status on Yandex.Money.

Identified users can transfer up to 400,000 rubles at a time.

Anonymous users cannot transfer money.

Why the transfer amount is reserved in my Wallet

If you did not set a security code, there can be two possible reasons:

  1. The recipient is anonymous. In this case, the recipient has 30 days to upgrade her user status: complete identification or provide passport details online (for Russian users of at least 14 years old).

    More about user statuses

  2. The recipient's balance is full. Identified users can keep up to 500,000 rubles on their account, reviewed Russian users can keep up to 60,000 rubles. If a Wallet is full, deposits and transfers will not be credited in it.

Transfer from Any Bank Card

You can transfer money from any Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. For a transfer to be successful, the source card should be issued by any bank in one of the following countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.

The commission is 1% of the amount: if you transfer 100 rubles, 101 rubles will be deducted from your card.

maximum amount—15,000 rubles. Money is usually credited immediately.

How to make a transfer

Navigate to the Transfers section: the link is in the left-hand menu.

  1. Select 'From a bank card' and fill in its details:

  2. Specify the recipient: you can enter a Wallet number, phone number, or email address.
  3. Enter the amount: our site will calculate total sum including commission.
  4. To confirm, enter the password your bank will send you.

Transfer money to another Wallet

Nuance: this transfer will not be recorded to your History because your Wallet does not participate in this operation.

What If My Card Is Not in Rubles

Transfer amount will be converted: the recipient will get this money in rubles to the Wallet. The conversion rate depends on the bank that issued your card.

Why There Is an Error

May be caused by one of the following:

  • The recipient's balance is full. Balance limits depend on a user status.
  • Your card was issued in a country that is not supported. You can add money from cards issued in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.
  • You do not have passwords for paying online (3-D Secure). Banks usually send such passwords via text messages or sometimes issue a chart with one-time codes or create a permanent password. Check with your bank whether your card has 3-D Secure available.
  • You have exceeded the limit on an amount: 15,000 rubles at a time, 100,000 rubles a day, and 200,000 rubles a month, or you have exceeded the limit on a quantity of deposits: 15 times a day and 40 times a month.

If you are sure none of these is the case, write to our Support Service.

Limits on Adding Money from Cards

For one bank card limits are the following:

  • you can spend 15,000 rubles at a time, 100,000 rubles a day, and 200,000 rubles a month
  • you can make 15 deposits a day and 40 deposits a month.

These limits apply to one card: it does not matter how many Wallets you add money to.

Deposits in Cash

Via payment kiosk: find 'Yandex.Money' in the menu, specify your Wallet number or linked phone number. Insert cash and keep the receipt. ATMs accepting cash of Sberbank, Svyaznoy, and MKB credit money to your Wallet immediately, without commission.

List of all payment kiosks and ATMs

In offices and mobile retail outlets: tell the cashier your Wallet number, give the money, and take the receipt. “Euroset”, “Svyaznoy”, and “Alt Telecom” deposit money to your Wallet without commission.

List of outlets and offices

Via money transfer systems in Russia: Contact, Unistream, and Gorod. Bring your passport and money to the nearest location.

List of money transfer systems

In the Russian Post: only if you filled out an online form in advance.


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