New music and tracks, albums, artists, and lists that you might like are displayed on the Feed page. They are grouped into playlists by artist and genre. Your recommendation feed is generated gradually based on your tastes and is designed to introduce you to current and popular music. Your friends' favorite music is also added to your recommendations (just subscribe to their profiles or link your social network account).
Attention. To view recommendations, you must log into Yandex.
  1. Change recommendations
  2. Recommendations error

Change recommendations

Listen to and add the music that you like to your music library

Your recommendations will change based on what music you listen to and what music you mark with . The more music you play, the more accurate your recommendations will be.

Block tracks and artists that you don't like

If you don't want a particular track to appear in your recommendations, click when you hear it in the player panel.

To prevent the system from recommending an artist to you, go to that artist's page and click . You can unblock those recommendations by searching for that track or artist and clicking the button again.

Rate the Playlist of the Day
To share your opinion about the "Playlist of the Day" with the Yandex.Music team:
  1. Open Playlist of the Day.
  2. Click How do you like this playlist?.
  3. Tell us your opinion of the playlist or which recommendations you would change, and submit your feedback.
Specify your favorite genres and artists
  1. Click on your account portrait in the upper-right corner of the page and select Settings.
  2. On the Account tab, go to the Music preferences section and tap the Refine button.
  3. Select your favorite genres. If you no longer like a genre you previously added to your favorites, tap on the genre icon.
  4. Tap the Next button.
  5. Select your favorite artists. Popular artists and your favorites from the genres you selected are displayed on the page. To remove an artist from your recommendations, tap the icon.
Remove inappropriate recommendation blocks

If you don't want a certain genre or artist to appear in your recommendations, close the playlist with those recommendations on the Feed page. Just hold your cursor over the playlist name and click to the right of it.

Recommendations error

If you discover an error in your recommendation feed or get someone else's recommendations, please contact customer support and let them know.