Gift subscription

A Yandex.Music gift code acts as a subscription that does not renew automatically.

You can buy a gift code for 3,6, or 12 months for yourself or as a gift. The code can be purchased using a bank card or Yandex.Money. The code is valid for a year from the time of purchase.

Attention. If you have an active subscription, cancel it and activate the gift code — it will start working after the paid subscription expires.
Restriction. You can only buy a gift code in Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
To activate a gift code:
  1. Go to the page, enter the code, and click Activate.
Note. Before you enter the code, check which username you are using to activate it. Your username displays in the upper-right corner of the page.

You currently can't purchase multiple gift codes at the same time in Yandex Music. If you want to purchase gift codes for your whole family or group of colleagues, purchase them one at a time.

If you send a gift code to another user, we will not be able to tell you when the recipient activates the code. This information is confidential. You can only find out from the recipient.