Change subscription settings

Link a different card to pay for a subscription

If you have previously paid for a subscription with one bank card and now you want to use a different card, please link your new card in Yandex ID:

When the period paid for with the old bank card expires, money for subscription renewal will be withdrawn from the new card.

Most likely, you paid for your subscription via Google Play, Microsoft Store, or App Store. In this case, see the recommendations for Google, Apple, or Microsoft.

If these recommendations don't help, please contact support .

Change the payment period or method

You can buy a Yandex.Music subscription for a month or a year. You can do this on the Yandex Music website, via the Yandex Music app, or in App Store or Google Play. Your subscription will renew automatically: in a month or year, the price for the following month or year will be deducted from your account.

To change your subscription period or payment method:
  1. Wait until the period has ended.
  2. Select a different period or payment method.
Attention. If you pay for a new subscription before the previous one expires, the remaining days will be lost.