Yandex Music promo code

Using promo codes, you can disable ads in the web version of the service and also access all the features of Yandex Music for free on your mobile device. The promo code is valid for a limited period — when it expires, the service's paid features will be disabled.

  1. How to get a promo code
  2. How to activate a promo code
  3. I can't activate my promo code

How to get a promo code

You can receive a promo code as a gift:
  • from Yandex — for participating in a competition, as part of an ad campaign, or to thank you for your help;
  • from other users.

How to activate a promo code

Activate your code within the specified time period. If you already have a paid subscription and also activate a promo code for it, then the period of the paid promo code will only start after your paid subscription period ends.

To activate a promo code:
  1. Go to, enter the code, and click Activate.
Note. Before you enter the code, check which username you are using to activate it. Your username displays in the upper-right corner of the page.

I can't activate my promo code

If you can't activate a promo code, find the promotion conditions and check when your promo code expires.

If you can't use an active promo code or you have some other problem, email customer support.