Working with other services

Scrobbling on

Attention. To enable or disable scrobbling on, Log in with Yandex ID.

You can broadcast information about the tracks you listen to on Yandex.Music to your account on

Scrobbling on is a convenient way to save your listening history and get personalized recommendations based on it. collects information about the tracks you listen to on various devices (computers, mobile phones, or other players).

You can turn on streaming on in Yandex Music settings.

The first time you stream, a form for linking your accounts will appear:

  1. If you haven't logged into yet, enter your username and password.
  2. Confirm that you logged in.

That way information about the tracks you listened to on Yandex.Music will start broadcasting on your account and be taken into account when your personalized recommendations are put together on

Note. Your streaming settings on will work on any device. You will need to log in using the same username that you used to set up the streaming.
To turn off streaming, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Yandex ID.
  2. In the Social media section, click next to your login.
  3. Click Unlink account.

Import playlists from Deezer

Deezer is a music streaming service that lets you listen to music on different devices and compile your own music collection.

If you create and save playlists on this service, you can import them to Yandex.Music. Just go to your Yandex.Music settings, find the Social networks section, and click Link account next to Deezer.

The first time you connect, a form opens that allows you to link accounts:

  1. If you haven't logged into Deezer yet, enter your username and password and click Enter.
  2. In the authorization window in the lower-right corner, click Accept.
  3. In the Yandex ID window, click Continue.

Then you can import your Deezer playlists to your Yandex Music library. Just click Repeat import in the account settings next to Deezer.

Your playlists will upload to My collection and appear on the Playlists tab.

You can turn off playlist import at any time:
  1. Go to Yandex ID.
  2. In the Social networks section, click the icon next to your Deezer login.
  3. Click Unlink account.

Playlists you imported before will remain in your library.

Import tracks from other services

You can import tracks to your Yandex.Music library using one of these methods:
  1. Go to the audio recordings list on another service.
  2. Select all the tracks and copy their names as plain text.
  3. On the import music collections page, add the track list to the yellow field.
  4. Click Find.

Yandex.Music will match the track names in the list to its own catalog. You can save any tracks it finds to your library individually, or add them to an existing or new playlist. If it turns out that you have more than 10,000 tracks to import, Yandex Music divides them into multiple playlists.

Note. If Yandex.Music doesn't have rights to an imported track, the service will select a track that is as close as possible or a different version of the track.