Configure voice notifications

You can configure voice notifications that you want to receive when traveling by car, scooter, bicycle, or on foot.

To set up voice notifications in the app:

  1. Tap  (profile picture). If you haven't logged in, tap .
  2. Select Settings → Sounds and alerts.

In the app, you can:

Set up voice navigation
  • to turn on all sounds.
  • to only receive camera and road event notifications.
  • to turn off all sounds.
Manage notification volume

To adjust the volume of notifications, voice navigation, and other sounds, select Low, Mid., or High.

Manage sound volume during notifications
On Android devices
  • Turn music and other sounds
  • Pause music
  • Do nothing (music and notifications will play at the same time)
On iOS devices
  • Turn music and other sounds
  • Do nothing (music and notifications will play at the same time)
Change the notification language
You can set up the same or different languages for notifications and the app.
Choose the voice
By default, it's Alice.
Set a speed limit

Move the slider to choose at what point over the speed limit you will start getting notifications.

Note. To enable speed camera notifications, enable the Speed cameras setting.
There are no voice alerts for speed cameras

Check the Speed limit you set. For example, if you set the slider to +15 km/h, you will get a notification about a 60 km/h speed camera when your speed reaches 75 km/h.

Enable speed camera notifications

By default, the app notifies you of all cameras.

Available notifications
  • Speed cameras
  • Road marking cameras
  • Speed traps
  • Lane monitoring cameras
  • Intersection monitoring cameras
    Note. You hear notifications about intersection monitoring cameras if your speed is above 30 km/h.
Enable road event notifications
By default, all notifications are on.
Available notifications
  • Dangerous road sections
  • Road work
  • Accident
  • School zones
  • No passing zones
  • Watch out for pedestrians
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Speed bumps