Collaboration with individuals who are residents of the Russian Federation

Individuals who are residents of the Russian Federation must accept the Offer to join the Yandex Advertising Network. The renumeration and payment procedure are specified in the offer.

Remuneration is paid in Russian rubles and transferred to a bank account or YooMoney account (formerly Yandex.Money). This option is only available for identified users.

Filling out payment details and uploading document copies

We need your payment details and copies of the required documents in order to transfer remuneration. There are two ways to do this in the Yandex Advertising Network interface:
  • Open the dashboard and click Add payment details.

  • Go to Settings → Banking details, enter your information, and click Save.
Information required for remuneration payment
  • Passport details of your Russian passport.

  • Taxpayer identification number (INN): To obtain your taxpayer ID certificate, you must contact your local tax inspectorate for your place of residence.
  • Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account (SNILS) in the mandatory pension insurance system: To obtain this certificate, you must contact your local pension fund for your place of residence.

  • Residential and registration address (permanent registration at your place of residence in the Russian Federation is mandatory).
  • Payment details:

    • If you're using a bank account to receive remuneration, please specify the following information:

      • BIC.

      • Bank account number, which consists of 20 digits beginning with 40817 or 423.

        Use a bank account that funds can be transferred to. If your account number starts with 42303, 42305, 42306, or 42307, check the account terms as you may not be able to top up these accounts.

        Attention. We only transfer money to the account you provided the number for. We won't be able to transfer money if the bank transfer order requires additional information aside from the account number (such as the card number, sub-account number, or a Telebank number).
    • If you receive remuneration via YooMoney (formerly Yandex.Money), enter the account number of an identified user.

Documents required for remuneration payment

Upload scans or photos of the following documents:

  • Russian passport (the pages containing the photo and registered address).

  • Taxpayer ID (INN) certificate (a copy of your registration with the tax office will not be accepted).

  • SNILS.

Remuneration payment

Individuals receive remuneration in the manner stipulated in the offer. Remuneration is received in Russian rubles no more than once a month after reaching the threshold of 3000 rubles.

  • If you reach this amount in the current month, your remuneration will be paid within 20 business days of the following month.
  • If you don't reach this amount in the current month, your revenue for this month will be combined with the revenue for the following months until the threshold is reached. You will then receive your remuneration within 20 business days of the following month.

Accounting documents

If your revenue exceeded the threshold during the current month, you will receive the work completion certificate via email at the start of the next month. If you found any mistakes in the certificate, please specify them in your response by email. After that, all the documents will be available in the Yandex Advertising Network interface on the Documents page.

If you fail to reach the threshold, a report will not be generated.

Note. The amount of remuneration in the documents is specified excluding personal income tax, which will be deducted.

Changing payment methods

If you want to change your remuneration payment details, go to Extras → Documents, click Change banking details, and fill in the form.

Taxes and fees

Yandex withholds a personal income tax of 13% from the accrued revenue, which is transferred to the budget of the Russian Federation.

The partner can receive a 2-NDFL statement on request. It indicates the months for which you received remuneration.
Restriction. Other information is not provided.

Lean more about taxes for individuals and individual entrepreneurs.

Benefits and allowances

Please note that participating in the Yandex Advertising Network may affect your ability to receive other types of payments (pensions, benefits, subsidies, and so on) if such payments are provided on the condition that you are unemployed. Performing duties under civil contracts, which include the contract concluded with the partner or receiving remuneration according to those contracts regardless of the amount may be recognized as work for the purpose of receiving these payments. Before finalizing the agreement, you should check with the organizations that provide your benefits to find out whether those benefits still apply in cases where the partner receives remuneration under a contract.

Terminating the agreement

The contract can be terminated. In that case, impressions on your sites connected to the Yandex Advertising Network will be suspended. As soon as the contract is terminated, you will no longer receive income from ads on your platforms.

Contact support

If you didn't find the information you were looking for, check the FAQ or contact us.

I can't add a YooMoney (formerly Yandex Money) account

Payments via YooMoney are only available to identified users.

Where can I learn my INN (TIN)?

The INN is the taxpayer identification number. To obtain your taxpayer ID certificate, contact the local tax inspection office for your address of residence.

Individuals can find their INN on the website

How do I learn my SNILS?

The SNILS is the number of the individual personal account of a citizen in the mandatory social security system. To obtain your certificate, contact the social security office (pension fund) for your address of residence.

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