Resource management

  1. Creating a video resource
  2. Customizing player appearance
  3. Granting access to a resource

In terms of the Yandex Advertising Network, a video resource is a group of video ad display spots on the same platform (website, mobile app, or Smart TV app).

Creating a video resource

To create a new video resource, register in the Yandex Advertising Network and send a request to add a video resource via the support service. To learn more about becoming a video partner, see Becoming a partner.

After you've created a video resource, you'll see the Ads in videos section in the Yandex Advertising Network interface, and the video resource will appear in Ads in videos → Video resources. It'll get a unique ID (Page ID) and the New status.

After it passes moderation, the video resource status will change to Working. No statistics. You can now create In-Stream units and post them on your video resource.

Note. Each resource can host up to 200 active ad units. Move unused units to the archive.

If you need to use more than 200 units on one resource, contact support.

Customizing player appearance

To customize the appearance of the player on your resource:

  1. Go to Ads in videos → Video resources.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Go to Appearance.

You can download a player skin in the Skin block if you're using your own player and Yandex Video SDK.

If you're using the Yandex video player, set the following options:

  • Description — a text to show at the beginning of an ad directly in the player (for example: Thanks to this ad, you can view this video for free).
  • Time left until ad skip — enable or disable the ad countdown.
  • Time left in ad unit — set the countdown duration in seconds.

Read more about supported integration models

Granting access to a resource

You can grant access to your platforms in the Yandex Advertising Network interface to any user. A user with the Partner assistant role will be able to view and edit the resource and units, and will also have access to statistical reports.

  1. Click Invite on the Invitations page, select an invitation language and specify your email address. A link to access the interface will be emailed to that address. Please note that the assistant requires a Yandex ID in order to register in the Yandex Advertising Network

  2. After the assistant clicks the link and registers, open the page with the list of resources (Ads in videos → Video resources). Find the resource you want to grant access to in the list and click Edit. On the Access tab, click Add assistant and specify the username used to register the assistant in the Yandex Advertising Network.

    If necessary, check the Can edit video resource field to allow the user to change resource settings and create or edit units. In addition, any assistant can view the statistics of all available resources and units, and create and save their own statistical reports.

Contact support

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