Traffic management strategies for RTB units

Only the highest auction bids are selected for RTB units. To select a traffic management strategy, go to the list of units (Ads on websites → RTB units). Find the appropriate block in the list, click Edit, and go to the Strategy tab.

The Maximum revenue strategy is selected by default and recommended if you want to make the best use of your placement. Other strategies let you split traffic between the Yandex RTB and your ads, as well as manually manage your auction sales.

  • The Maximum revenue strategy uses all your available traffic and doesn't require any manual management. The system uses automatic algorithms that help efficiently fill placements and maximize the revenue of the platform owner.

  • The Minimum CPM strategy helps set the starting price for RTB ads on the ad platform. If the auction bids exceed this floor, the Yandex RTB banners are displayed as normal. If the bids are lower, then your ads — the code for which you provided in the appropriate field — are displayed.

    Specify the starting price for 1000 impressions in the Minimum CPM floor field in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT. Keep in mind that the actual CPM and your income can exceed the floor you specify. You only dictate the minimal price required to access the platform, but there is no maximum bid limit for advertisers.

  • The Separate CPM strategy makes it possible to limit the amount of context ad and media impressions using individual CPM floors or block any types of advertising completely. If no units and no floors are set, it is assumed that the floor is zero.

Note. Making your CPM floor too high can limit your opportunities for selling traffic at a good price. If you do not provide the code for your ads, you should not specify the minimum CPM floor; otherwise, it may reduce the number of impressions on the ad platform, and decrease your revenue as a result.

A custom ad code can be specified in the Custom ad code field on the Strategy tab, or in the RTB ad unit code on the website. This will let you split traffic between Yandex RTB ads and third-party system ads, or insert a placeholder if the auction doesn't have any suitable offers for an ad to display.

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