User settings

Use the button in the top right corner of the screen to edit user settings.

Change your password

The password that you use to access the Ad Network is also the password for all Yandex services, so you can change or restore it only through Yandex.Passport:

If you would like to change your password, click the Change password link to be redirected to the Passport page.

Editing contacts

Contact information is displayed on the Personal details tab. To change your contact information, edit the relevant fields and click Save.

Changing payment details

If you would like to modify the payment details specified during registration, please email a request containing your login and contract number to our support service.

Subscribe to our mailing list

Use the Personal details tab to subscribe to or unsubscribe from newsletters.

The Advertising Network monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date with our news and provides helpful advice and recommendations.

By subscribing to statistics monitoring, you'll receive daily statistical data on the products placed (for the previous calendar day compared with data for the same day of the previous week).

Newsletters will be sent to the addresses specified in the Email field.

Global blockings

Use the Global blockings tab to restrict unsolicited ad displays (for example, ads from competitors). The set restrictions apply to Yandex.Direct ads in Direct and RTB blocks on all the user's platforms and mobile apps.

Ads can be blocked as follows:

  • by website domain;

  • by mobile app Bundle ID;

  • by phone number (blocking by phone number is only used for ads that do not link to a site or a page in the app store).

Specify the domain, Bundle ID or phone number in New blocking and click Add. All changes to settings will automatically take effect 30 minutes after saving them.

To delete the block, find it in the Blocked section and delete with (displayed when hovered over).

Note. Please keep in mind that disabling ads that lead to certain domains may result in a reduced number of ads being displayed and, consequently, a reduction in revenue from ad placement.

You can also disable unsolicited ads on your platform (or mobile app) by changing the platform (app) settings, and you can restrict the display of banner ads in any RTB blocks. All the restrictions you set will be taken into account.