Submitting the application form


You need a Yandex account to work with the Yandex Advertising Network.

If you have already registered, enter your username and password (to register, click the Join link in the upper right corner of the page). If you do not have a username and password, or you do not want to use the existing username to participate in the Yandex Advertising Network, you need to register.

The Yandex Advertising Network does not support registration through third-party site profiles. If you log in to Yandex with one of these profiles and try to do anything that requires entering your username and password, we will redirect you to the sign up page.


We recommend that you register with the Yandex Advertising Network under a new login that is not used to access the interfaces of other services (such as Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market). Never register someone else's website (for example, a friend's or employer's website) under your personal username: such websites cannot be transferred from your username to a different one.

Partner application

Click the button on the main page of the Yandex Advertising Network and fill out the partner application.

Specify the type and form of partnership:

  1. In the Type of partnership section, choose the type Contract with Yandex or TUT.BY (Yandex certified partner in Belarus).

  2. Under Choose country, specify your country of residence.

  3. Under Type of partnership with Yandex, specify your status as a Yandex partner:

    • legal entity (business)
    • individual
    • individual entrepreneur (self-employed)
    Restriction. It is not possible to change from one type of partnership to another without registering a new account and resetting your ad code.

Enter the required data into the Contact info and Payment details sections. The set of available fields in these sections depends on the selected type of partnership and country of residence. For instructions on how to fill them in correctly, see the following sections:

Russia Individuals | Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Belarus Individuals | Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Other countries Individuals and individual entrepreneurs | Legal entities

Tip. Make sure your contact information and payment details are correct. This information is not only required for communication purposes, but also for making payments.

For more information on how to accept the terms and conditions and the procedure for making payments, see Revenue and payments.