Managing mobile platforms

In terms of the Yandex Advertising Network, a mobile platform is a combination of places where ads are displayed in a single app.

To start creating ad blocks, add a mobile platform in the Yandex Advertising Network interface and wait for moderation.

Adding a mobile platform

To add a new mobile platform, go to Products → Mobile platforms and click Add mobile platform. Enter the name of the mobile platform, OS and ID of your app in the App Store (How can I find my app's Bundle ID?).

You can use the interface to add multiple mobile platforms for a single app.

Why add multiple mobile platforms?
Some of the settings in the Yandex Advertising Network are configured separately for each mobile platform, and not for specific advertising blocks. For example, you can create two mobile platforms for an app in the interface and enable the family filter for one of them, while disabling it for the other. Then you'll be able to place both “adult” ad blocks and other ad blocks in the same mobile app.

After saving, the ad platform will be assigned a unique identifier (Page ID) and appear in the list of mobile platforms with the status New or Testing (for an app that's already passed moderation).

Configuring a mobile platform

Click Edit to change the mobile platform settings.

The following settings can be configured for the whole mobile platform (but not for specific ad blocks).

Testing a mobile platform and going live

After successful moderation, you can start creating ad blocks. To see your advertising in action, start testing the mobile platform by clicking Actions → Launch testing and enable banner or full screen ad block in Mobile Ads SDK using demo BLOCK IDs. Test blocks will start to display, but no remuneration will be accrued.

After you finalize the agreement, you can launch your mobile platform online (Actions → Launch). The status of the mobile platform will change to Working, impressions will start being counted, and your earnings will begin accumulating.


If displays don't start, find the correct block in the list of blocks (Products → Mobile RTB blocks) and make sure its status is Working.

Suspending and deleting a mobile platform

To stop displaying all ad blocks on a specific mobile platform, click Actions → Stop. To resume displays, click Actions → Launch testing and Actions → Launch.

A mobile platform that doesn't have statistics for impressions and clicks can be archived. To do this, click Actions → Archive. If the mobile platform has accumulated statistical data, first stop ad impressions, and then archive the mobile platform.

You can restore archived mobile platforms on the Archive tab.