App management

To start creating ad blocks, add a mobile app in the Yandex Advertising Network interface and wait for moderation.

Adding a new app

To add an app, go to Products → Apps and click Add a mobile app. Enter the name, platform and ID of your app in the App Store (How can I find my app's Bundle ID?).

In this interface, you can add several apps for a single mobile app.

After saving the app, it will be assigned a unique ID (Page ID), and it will be listed in the list of apps as Awaiting moderation or No statistics (if moderation has already completed).

Configuring apps

To edit app settings, click Edit.

The following settings can be set for the whole app (but not for specific ad blocks):

Testing an app and bringing it online

After successful moderation, you can start creating ad blocks for your app. To see your advertising in action, launch app testing by clicking Actions → Launch testing and enable banner or full screen ad block in Mobile Ads SDK using demonstration BLOCK IDs. Test blocks will start to display, but no remuneration will be accrued.

After you finalize an agreement, you'll be able to launch your app online (Actions → Launch). The app will change its status to Working, displays will be counted, and remuneration accrued.


If displays don't start, find the correct block in the list of blocks (Products → Mobile RTB blocks) and make sure its status is Working.

Suspending and deleting an app

To stop displaying all ad blocks in an app, click Actions → Stop. To resume displays, click Actions → Launch testing and Actions → Launch.

To delete an app with no displays/clicks statistics, click Actions → Delete. If any statistics have been collected for an app, stop the app before deleting it.

Use the Deleted tab to restore deleted apps.