Creating a banner

The visual code designer is used to create mobile RTB blocks in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. The designer allows you to configure a block and obtain the required code.

To create a new banner for your mobile app, go to the list of blocks (Products → Mobile RTB blocks), and click Add a mobile RTB block.

  1. On the General tab in the form that opens, select a mobile platform from the list and specify the block name.

  2. Select Banner on the Block type tab.

  3. Check all valid ad block sizes on the Formats tab (for more information see formats). Select the desired size of the media ad and the desired Direct block format.

    You can also disable showing sitelinks and icons for advertisers' sites in Yandex.Direct ads on the Formats tab.

  4. On the Yandex.Direct design tab, you can set the block's visual design: set the font type and color palette, and select the type of corners and border. All changes to settings are immediately displayed in the test block. The design of your ad block significantly influences the CTR and, consequently, your app's revenue.

    Attention. Note that in accordance with the Terms of Participation, the “Yandex.Direct” link and the advertisers' domains must be clearly visible and easily distinguishable.
  5. Select the Traffic management strategy on the Strategy tab.

  6. Click Create. After saving, the block will be displayed in the list of mobile RTB blocks and will be assigned a unique identifier. A block ID (ID) consists of a product ID (R-M), mobile platform ID (page_id) and the block's serial number.

  7. Copy the block ID and follow the steps for connecting banner ads in Yandex Mobile Ads SDK (iOS/Android).

If you want to create another block with the same settings, click Duplicate. The new block will be displayed in the list of mobile RTB blocks.

To edit added blocks, go to the list of blocks (Products → Mobile RTB blocks), find the block you need, and click Edit.