Creating a rewarded video block

Mobile RTB blocks are created with the Visual code designer, which you can find in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. Use the code designer to set up ad blocks and get their embed codes.

To create a rewarded video block, open the block list (Products → Mobile RTB blocks) and click Add mobile RTB block.

  1. During the first step go to the General tab, select your mobile platform from the list, and enter the block name. Click Continue.
  2. On the Block type step, select Rewarded video. Click Continue.
  3. Fill in the required fields on the Settings tab:
    • In-game currency — currency used inside a video game, such as diamonds or lives.
    • Currency amount — the amount of in-game currency rewarded to a user for watching a complete video for the first time. You must specify an integer.

    If your currency is transferred from a server, fill in the Server link and Link's digital signature fields. Digital signatures are used to prevent unauthorized access to the reward.

    If you're transferring the reward in-app, leave these fields blank.

  4. Go to the Strategy tab and select traffic management strategy.
  5. Click Create. After you save your changes, the new block will appear in the mobile RTB block list with a unique ID. The block ID consists of the product ID (R-M), mobile platform ID (page_id), and the block index number.
  6. Copy the block ID and follow the instructions for enabling reward videos in the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK (iOS/Android).

If you want to create another ad block with the same settings, click Duplicate. The new block will also appear in the mobile RTB block list.

To edit the blocks you added, go to the block list (Products → Mobile RTB blocks), find the block you're looking for, and click Edit.