Mobile mediation

Mobile mediation is a platform that allows you to display ads from multiple demand platforms in a mobile app. Each demand platform will hold an auction for the right to show ads in your placement. The mobile mediation platform chooses the best offer from the auction winners.

Benefits of mobile mediation
  • The more demand platforms that are involved with the ad placement, the higher the chances that a suitable ad will be found.
  • The best offer is selected out of all the available offers.
  • Connecting to international demand platforms allows you to show relevant ads to users from different areas.
Mobile mediation is available to iOS and Android app owners. The Yandex Advertising Network is connected as a demand platform by default. You can also configure serving ads from the following demand platforms:
  • AdMob
  • MoPub
  • MyTarget
  • StartApp
  • Unity Ads
  • ironSource
  • AppLovin
  • Facebook Audience Network

How it works

Each demand platform holds an auction and selects the ad that is best matched to the user. A rendering is a request for which an ad was successfully selected. Demand platforms pass their rendering bids to the mobile mediation platform. The platform compares these bids and chooses the winner. Your placement will show the ad block with the ad of the winning demand platform.