Collaboration with individuals who are residents of Belarus

Individuals who are residents of Belarus are able to collaborate directly with Yandex Europe AG via Yandex's international service center (Switzerland), subject to the conditions of the Advertising Network's Offer.

Remuneration is paid in US dollars or euros to the bank account.

Accepting the terms of an offer

Remuneration begins to accumulate only after the contract is concluded. A contract is concluded by adopting the Offer of the Yandex Advertising Network (full text of the Offer in English). The partner accepts the Offer in the interface through filling out a form.

While filling out a form, you must include the following information:

  • in the Select country section — Belarus;

  • in the Form of collaboration with Yandex section — Individual.

    Restriction. It is not possible to change from one form of collaboration to another without registering a new account and resetting your ad code.
Information required for contract

To sign a contract, you must provide the following info:

  • Surname, first name, middle names (in Latin).


    The name in the form must match the spelling of the name in the contract with the bank where the account is open, in which the partner plans to receive remuneration.

  • Mailing address.

  • VAT — taxpayer's registration number.

  • Information required for the payment of remuneration:

    • SWIFT of recipient bank;

    • address of recipient bank;

    • bank account number or IBAN (international bank account number).

Electronic copies of documents that are necessary for the signing of a contract

After completing an application form, the partner must forward electronic (scanned or photographed) copies of the following documents to Yandex:

  • passport (photo page);

  • document confirming residence (if the passport does not), such as a temporary residence permit, work permit, or permanent residence card.

Upon accepting the offer and receiving copies of the documents, the contract is considered concluded.

Contact info:

  • email:

  • fax:+41 41 248-08-60, +7 495 739-70-00 (you must mark it for the "Yandex Advertising Network" when sending documents). Please confirm that the fax was received by calling +7 495 739-70-00.

  • address:

    Yandex Europe AG

    Werftestrasse 4

    P/O box 3639

    6002 Lucerne 2 Universität


    Driving directions

Payment of remuneration

Remuneration to individuals is paid in US dollars or euros no more than once a month as stipulated by the contract. Remuneration is paid upon reaching the threshold of 150 US dollars or 100 euros:

  • If the partner's revenue reaches the threshold in the current month (at least 150 US dollars or 100 euros), then the remuneration will be paid by the 25th day of the following month.
  • If in the current month the revenue sum does not reach the threshold, then it will be taken into account in the next month and beyond. Remuneration will be paid when the overall revenue from the moment of the last payment of remuneration reaches at least 150 US dollars or 100 euros (namely, by the 25th day of the following month, after the required threshold is reached).

At the end of the billing period, you will receive an electronic report of all paid remuneration on the Documents page of the interface. The report will be formed only if the partner's revenue reaches the threshold.

At the end of the billing period, a report on accrued earnings is emailed to the partner. The report will be formed only if the partner's revenue reaches the threshold.

Taxes and fees

The partners pay for all taxes and fees which are stipulated by the legislation of Belarus.