Event log

The event log helps Advertising Network partners conduct experiments and analyze statistics more conveniently. We recommend that you make a note of all important events on your site or app, such as the date of ad block position change or the date of site functionality errors. The selected events will be displayed in the statistics and will enable you to easily track changes associated with those statistics.

How to work with events

Go to the Event log on the Statistics page.

To create a new event, click Add a new event, specify the date and type, and fill in the Description field. Select Statistics level and Product ID (for example, a platform or a block) that relates to the created event.

You can also use the Event log tab to edit or delete existing events.

Where events are displayed

Events can only be shown on charts for reports where data is grouped by date. In this case, the Events option is displayed under the chart. Enable it and click Show. If necessary, select the event type and statistics level. Events during a period are shown as follows:

  • Under event display settings — in a list with a detailed description (click the event number to edit it directly on the page).

  • On a chart — with color dots on the X axis (dates).