Statistical reports

Standard reports

A list of standard reports is available on the Statistics page of the Reports tab.

Standard reports are designed to provide only the required minimum metrics in top level reports (for example, a report on all types of advertising). Detailed statistics are available in platform-specific and block-specific reports. The set of available reports depends on the products placed.

To open platform-specific reports (as well as app-specific and video resource-specific reports) or block-specific reports, go to the page with the list of platforms (for example, Products → Content sites) or the list of blocks (for example, Products → RTB blocks). Find the platform or block you need in the list and click Statistics.

Working with reports

Standard reports open in a new browser tab.

If necessary, set the required time period and the comparison period. If you set a comparison period, specify the period start and end dates. The other date value will be filled automatically (the time periods should be equal). Click Create report to update the data and the graph.

Use the constructor to edit a set of reported metrics.

Tip. When you hover the mouse over , a tooltip for a metric in the wizard or a table field in the report appears.

Click a platform, app or video resource ID (Page ID) in the table to view detailed information on the platform and its settings, and also to open a list of platform blocks, find a platform in the list of platforms, edit a platform or open additional statistical reports.

Click the block identifier (block ID) in the tableto view detailed information on the block, its formats and settings, and to find the block in the list of blocks, edit it or open additional statistical reports.


Please note that the Yandex Advertising Network counts ad impressions on the basis of the verified visibility of ad blocks. In Advertising Network statistics, ad impressions (for each ad in a block) are calculated for Direct ad blocks, while ad block impressions are calculated for RTB ad blocks.

Video content reports

You can download offline reports with resource statistics with regard to main video content on the Video content reports tab.

Saving a report

Use the following functions to save report parameters for future reference:

  • Save report — To display the report in a list on the Reports tab.

  • Save as widget — To add the report to a dashboard.

  • Export to Excel — To export the report to XLS and save on a computer (to open with MS Excel, for instance).

  • Share a link — To copy to clipboard a unique link to the report (the report will only be available to authorized Advertising Network interface users).